Answer quickly: how can you not like the most flowery season of the year? Yes, we are talking about spring!

Who can resist the charms of spring? The flowers appear with more intensity, the birds celebrate and life takes on a lighter and more relaxed touch. If you would like to bring this lightness into your home, know that it is possible to use spring as inspiration when decorating the property. With the tips we brought in this text you will feel all the beauty of spring without having to leave your home!

In this text we will show you some spring decor trends for your home, so that you are inspired and want to start today. Enjoy that the flowers are entering the height of beauty. Make your home look even more beautiful!

SPRINGFlower pots for small balcony decoration

1- It may sound cliche, but: a spring decoration needs flowers!

1- It may sound cliche, but a spring decoration needs flowers
Nail and hammer floral wallpaper

Yes, there is no escaping the floral theme, the main characteristic of spring decoration is the use of this type of element. A cool idea is the use of wallpapers. Practically, they don’t make a mess and, with a little practice and patience, you can put them on yourself. And the prints, of course, are many, and you can even choose your favorite flower.

But it takes common sense not to exaggerate, okay? After all, spring decor allows you to dare, but the mix of many different patterns can make the environment visually very loaded, and you certainly don’t want that, right? Especially when it comes to furniture, understand your home decor style so you don’t overload.

Sometimes, just one floral piece is more than enough to give the spotlight to spring, and remember: the colors of these prints will set the tone of the entire composition, whether colorful or more neutral. In meals, colors and floral prints also enter the scene and define the happy mood of the flower season.

Women’s crockery, sous plats with floral designs, for example, is extremely welcome, as well as a mix of colored glass and petals scattered around the table. Neutralize with the towel and cutlery. It will be beautiful! 😉

2- Shades of green in the decor!

2- Shades of green in the decor! 2

2- Shades of green in the decor!

Choose a very springy shade of green to integrate it into your color palette and decorate your home. Pair it with other bright shades like orange and yellow, as well as purple and pink in different shades for a visual highlight. Bet on a fun color palette that takes away the monotony.

3- Be tropical, yes

3- Be tropical, yes

You must have already heard about tropicalismo, a movement of Brazilian artists started in the 60’s, among them we can highlight: Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Tom Zé and so on.

Basically, this cultural movement evoked, among other things, the customs and all the characteristics that make our country what it is. And did you know that this Brazilianness, colorful and full of joy present in the most different aesthetic and cultural sectors also invades the decoration and has everything to do with spring, did you know?

So, again, use a lot of green, but also flowers and fruits, in the same tune, and with that libertarian footprint so characteristic of that time.

4- Change the sofa covers and cushions

4- Change the sofa covers and cushions

Cushions are a great alternative to changing the decor on a budget. How about upgrading your living room by changing the pillows, or the cover of your pillows?

It can be simpler than you think: just change the covers and keep the old ones, in case you ever want to come back. If you are thinking of renovating these accessories, the Prego e Martelo store is the right place for you, ok!?

5- Oh! And don’t forget about other textiles

5- Oh! And don't forget about other textiles.

Other textile elements can be contemplated with the beauty of the decoration inspired by springtime. The windows can also get a new look: lighter and clearer. To allow sunlight to enter environments, creating more cozy spaces, it is worth investing in lighter and lighter fabric curtains.

They allow smooth control of the incidence of natural light. Bet on linen, voile, silk, linen gauze and organdy.

The same color palette can be used on tablecloths and even bath and face towels. As the cold is no longer so present, the number of rugs can be reduced, but for those who stay, the idea is to bet on a clean style, with light colors that favor natural lighting.

6- Flowers and beyond, why not?

6- Flowers and beyond, why not

In addition to incorporating flowers, go beyond arrangements and make your sweet home a natural retreat. In addition to the presence in the prints, the natural vegetation, whether through vases, or by cachepós etc can be even more present in the houses. Naturally, plants are much more lush, colorful and can very well add an extra charm to your home decor.

And so, we don’t even need to rain on the wet and talk about the importance of choosing natural plants that can adapt to their environment, right? The smell and texture of natural plants can give much more authenticity to your environment. Nothing against artificial plants, but nothing compares to the sensations and freshness that natural plants bring to any environment.

And you don’t have to turn your house into a botanical garden, but make a good mix between green and color to ensure a touch of life in the desired room.

7- Other types of accessories with that Spring face!

7- Other types of accessories with that Spring face

Paintings or canvases with themes that refer to the station are also extremely welcome. These small details make all the difference when decorating a living room, for example.

Choose vases, boxes, candles, mirrored acrylics, small sculptures or interesting objects that can be arranged in compositions on the coffee table or corner on the sideboard or on a floating shelf. With a lot of imagination, common sense and of course a good little helper from Prego e Martelo, you can renew the look of the house and redesign the environments.

8- Let the sun in

8- Let the sun in

After a long winter period in which we naturally leave the house more closed to keep it warm, the arrival of spring announces that it’s time to open doors and windows to let the sun in! The energy of the sun is able to renew the environments, so bet on lighter curtains and with light colors on the windows, allowing the Astro Rei to reign in your home.

9- A more rustic feel

9- A more rustic feel
Balcony decor with rustic furniture and white sofa

Spring reminds us of the elements of nature, such as trees, plants and animals. To bring these memories in the decoration, the ideal is to bet on more rustic objects, such as furniture made of wood. Look for pieces that refer to a more natural style, because this way you will allow the spring to occupy a prominent place in your home decor.

10- Fancy in the outdoor areas

10- Fancy in the outdoor areas

Those who have the privilege of having a large backyard at home can afford to decorate it with plants and flowers that are the face of spring. But if this is not your case and you only have a small balcony or balcony in your property, there is no reason to regret it, as these spaces can also be very well used to insert some potted plants with azaleas and petunias, for example. , which will make you feel like you are in a small private forest.

11- Joy in the walls

11- Joy in the wallsSimple bedroom decor with floral wallpaper

If you want the presence of spring to also reach the walls of your property, know that with the help of decorative panels and wallpapers this is perfectly possible. Look for prints inspired by plants and flowers to stay in tune with spring. A tip for not overloading the environment is to leave the prints only on one of the walls, keeping the others with a more neutral painting.

12- More lightness pleases

12- More lightness pleases
Rustic decor for balcony with bar

Anything that is too heavy does not match the lightness of spring, so the ideal is to keep away from very ornate decorative objects and choose instead of them pieces made of natural materials, with golden grass, straw, wood, etc. . You will be surprised by the wide variety of decorative items made from elements of nature itself and your home will certainly thank you for a lighter touch.

13- Wonders, with the colors

13- Wonders, with the colors

Colors have the power to influence our mood, messing with people’s sensations. For this reason, if you are looking for the sensations of joy and enchantment, which are hallmarks of spring, remember to choose cheerful colors for the walls, decorative objects and furniture in your home. However, it is important to seek a harmonious relationship between them so as not to run the risk of leaving the environment overloaded.

14- The magic of plants

14- The magic of plants
Decoration for environments with several potted plants and pink puff

We could not make a text inspired by spring without bringing a topic dedicated exclusively to the flowers and plants that are the hallmark of this season. Even if you are not a natural gardener, try to have at least a few potted plants at home and you will soon realize the difference they can make to create a more pleasant environment. Choose species that adapt well to indoor areas and the climate of the region where you live, and reserve a place in the house for them.

Achieving the perfect spring decor can be a fun task to change the look of your home’s rooms. Explore your creativity and you will see that, with just a few elements, you will be able to create aesthetic compositions that reflect the harmony and freshness of this beautiful season. What other decorating ideas do you think are important to consider to design a spring atmosphere in your home?