Floral Decor to Transform the Home in Spring 1

Spring is coming, and with it all, the charm of floral decoration. Find out how to make your home look like this season with these unique tips! Since the 22nd of September, spring has begun to give the air of its grace throughout the Southern Hemisphere. Loved by one and hated by others, the season marks a period that precedes all the heat of summer, and there is no denying that it. It’s the most bright time of the year. The flowers have already started to bloom in nature, and the trees are already greener, so how about bringing all this into your home? The floral decor may be just what you need to transform your entire home. Check out inspirations!

Waiting for spring to come, there’s no better way to decorate the house than by making floral ornaments. If there’s an inevitable reminder of a return to the season of heat and long hours of light, it’s the flowers in all editions. Without a doubt, decorating a house with flowers is an excellent way to fill your home with life, color, joy, and aroma.

Home in Spring

1- The floral decor on all sides

The floral decor on all sides

Clich├ęs aside, flowers are the protagonists of the season, and therefore you can use them abusing them to bring more life to your home. Of course, the first inspiration that comes to mind is the vases.

However, there are other cool ways to incorporate floral decor at home. For example:

2- Prints on accessories

 Prints on accessories

Prints on accessories 1

Prints are a good alternative to bring that spring ‘what’ to your home in floral decoration. And, look, there are several styles of prints you can base yourself on: they have the most childish patterns; they have more modern prints; still others with a more vintage appeal and much more. A trend that has been very strong prints with large, colorful flowers that draw a lot of attention.

Prints on accessories. 2

Speaking of prints, we can’t forget about wallpaper and floral stickers. The coating has more and more prestige in decor, and there is no denying that it is one of the simplest options to apply, not to mention that the wallpaper is quite durable and has hundreds of patterns so that no one can fault it. The coolest thing is that it can be placed in different house parts: from the bedroom to the bathroom.

If you want to create a lighter and more visually clean floral decoration, it is worth remembering that the floral print can be in the small accessories that make up the decor. Nowadays, curtains, pillow covers, rugs, and even lamps are filled with flowers. Additionally, if you intend to make the floral print appear, there is even furniture with this pattern.

Tip: the vase can add even more value to the floral decoration if you choose the right piece. Search because there are many great templates and full of design to create the best arrangements.

3- Beware of excesses, okay?

Beware of excesses

 Beware of excesses 1

Regardless of the decorated room, the chosen decorative style, and the accessories you use to adopt the floral decoration, there is a fine line that separates good taste from what is over. So, spare no effort to seek the right inspirations for what you need. Pinterest, for example, is a storehouse of really cool ideas for those who are thinking about adopting this style at home. Doing some research, you’ll find that even the most unlikely decor can get floral hints.

4- Artificial flowers: can or can’t you?

 Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers 1

There is a very controversial topic. While many people have a real aversion to artificial flowers, some do not give up having them at home for the practicality they represent. Artificial flowers and plants are very practical, and technology makes it possible to produce very similar pieces to natural species. However, as functional as they may be, nothing replaces the experience of seeing flowers fulfilling their natural process of growing and developing, right? The contact with nature and the coming season is much stronger. Only, in this case, observe if the arrangements were chosen to decorate suit your environment. In general, flowers need light and water to preserve their beauty for a longer time.

5- Multiple Use of Flowers

Multiple Use of Flowers

Flowers can be used to decorate a home in many ways. They are versatile and always stay in style. So you can always find a variety of fabrics, decorations, and wallpapers to add a romantic touch to the walls of your home. Also, you can have a great time at home by making your decorations and floral decorations and using them to fill every corner with a natural sparkle.

6- Floral Ornaments You Can Make at Home

Having a bouquet at home is happiness, a loving atmosphere at home, which can be difficult to overcome. Therefore, it is not essential to have the most expensive flowers to have a bouquet in your home as much as possible, as the simplest flowers will also fill the space with aroma, light, and color. Also, you can make some decorations yourself with flowers, leaving small spaces in the corners of the house.

7- A core

A core

The living room is where we spend more of our day, so decorating with flowers is one way to achieve greater happiness at home. Flowers bring relaxation and are a balm for anxiety and stress. To create a centerpiece to decorate the room, all you need is some flowers, dry or natural, a floating candle, and a vase of flat or low glass containers of the right size. Place the flower with the candle in the center, fill it with water, and you’ll have a beautiful and easy-to-clean center.

8- With canning jar

With canning jar

It’s a good idea to recycle candied fruit in glass jars so you can make small flower containers to decorate the house. Take advantage of the prettiest boats, those with some detail on the glass in relief or color. If you also want to decorate the container to give it a more special air, we will give you some ideas. Then you have to choose some flowers, cut the stems and fill the pot with water. Simple, fast, and very successful.

9- Wreath


Using the simplest of flowers, you can make beautiful garlands to decorate the little corners of your home. Carnations and daisies are perfect for these decorative elements. You only need to cut off the flower’s stem and leave the base and a small part of the stem, about 8 cm. Using a rustic string, tie each flower to the stem so they face down. Fill your wreath to the right size and hang it in your favorite corner.

10- Glass bottle with dry branches

 Glass bottle with dry branches

Dry branches are also used to decorate the house, which is full of a warm and romantic retro atmosphere. All you need to make these floral decorations is a bottle of wine or Cava. You can find really beautiful bottles, and they will look great in any corner of your home. Be sure to wash the bottle well and allow it to dry completely in the sun before drying the branches.

Use simple flowers, the most delicate and special, and use your favorite flowers or those that remind you of someone special in your life. It doesn’t matter the flower’s type, variety, or color, because every floral arrangement made at home is unique. Design and create to decorate your home and brighten your eyes anytime. Space was full of life and color created by and for yourself.