15+ Ideas of Refreshing Dining Room Decor in Yellow (1)

Yellow is known to bring a sunny touch to decoration; nevertheless, it is a color that can also incorporate a note of freshness. Check out in this post some refreshing dining rooms decorated in yellow to find the best way to use this color in your dining room.

1. Turn to the walls

Turn to the walls (1)

The most obvious option, and which seems to be the easiest, is to paint the walls yellow. You can choose yellow as the main color or to create an accent wall. The choice of shade of yellow for the walls is a matter of taste. Don’t be afraid of bold shades even if you have a small dining room. However, make sure the room is well lit.

2. A ceiling of an unusual color

A ceiling of an unusual color (1)

Change up monotonous decorations by painting your ceiling yellow. As you can see from the pictures below, a yellow ceiling can transform the overall feel in a room; whether the walls are white or gray. It would be nice to have another yellow element in the room besides the ceiling. It can be a rug, shelf or accessories.

3. A large table and comfortable chairs

A large table and comfortable chairs (1)

The chairs represent the main elements of the dining room, apart from the table of course. Therefore, only invest in yellow chairs if you are sure you like the color. For starters, you might want to purchase a yellow accent chair and place it with your other current chairs to see if you might like it. Either way, choose comfortable chairs.

4. Wallpaper and curtains

Wallpaper and curtains (1)

The curtains in yellow color bring an incomparable elegant and luxurious touch. Yellow curtains can improve the insulation in your dining room and you can add white sheer curtains which will suffice for the summer season.

Apart from curtains, wallpaper is another element that allows you to decorate a refreshing dining room in yellow. It is also an opportunity to add texture and pretty patterns to your decoration.

5. A touch of black

A touch of black (1)

Yellow and black make for an interesting combination that is sure to go out of style. These are two quite different colors that create a perfect balance and are perfect for sprucing up a dining room.

6. Yellow on the walls

Yellow on the walls (1)

In the dining room, yellow has its place on the walls, in the form of paint or wallpaper. You can use it in different ways: Painting all the walls in the room is a fairly classic choice, but you can choose to highlight part of the room with yellow paint. It is an interesting solution when the dining room is open to the living room or the kitchen. The use of color helps to define the functions of the part.

7. Yellow for the dining room chairs

Yellow for the dining room chairs (1)

Another possibility to integrate yellow in the dining room: the chairs. What is interesting with this solution is that it will not require any decoration work. The longest is to choose the model of chairs and / or armchairs that you like! This punctual way of using color makes it possible to draw the eye around the table which is the central element of the room. The yellow will create a kind of dynamic which will make your dining room more lively and welcoming. In addition to being solar, yellow is friendly and warm.

8. Decorative accessories in yellow

Decorative accessories in yellow (1)

If you don’t want to change the wall covering or the seating in the dining room, you still have the accessories that make up your decoration: curtains, rugs, tablecloths, lamps, paintings …

9. Chic

Chic (1)

The sunny yellow wall paired with the pastel yellow striped curtain provides a cheerful and lively base for this modern dining room. The dining table and chairs set are made of wood and iron and provide a natural and cheerful ambiance.

10. Contemporary

Contemporary (1)

This dining room whose walls have yellow stripes seems so lively and so jovial. The designer did an exceptional job applying this color. Accompanied by metal furniture, yellow helped create this modern place with a refreshing vibe.

11. Cool

Cool (1)

The melon yellow shade of this cozy and welcoming dining room helped create a soft and cheerful ambiance. The retro-style dining chairs add a cool and fun note, while the modern art board represents the unique decorative item on the wall.

12. Country

Country (1)

Here is a yellow dining room inside which reigns a relaxing and pure vibe, due to the pastel color shade of the wall which brings perfect illumination. We feel a calm and cozy note. The chairs in various styles add an eclectic and daring note.

13. Elegant

Elegant (1)

At first glance this dining room appears to be dressed in just one shade of yellow, but if you take a good look you will see that two shades of yellow are applied in a subtle way. The patterned yellow curtains break up the solid look of the decor and bring an elegant feel to this place.

14. Respondent

Respondent (1)

Yellow and blue wallpaper provides a pleasant so soft accent in this country style dining room. The yellow tablecloth with dots adds a nice note full of cheerfulness.

15. Mediterranean

Mediterranean (1)

This bright and lively dining room looks so refreshing and exotic due to the mixture of yellow with the dark wood color of the furniture. A Mediterranean accent is found imbued with the wall with wood panels, providing an exotic air to this dining room.

16. Modern

Modern (1)

The striking mix of yellow and black dresses this dining room with an elegant, modern and also traditional look. The black furniture adds a sophisticated and chic note and makes this interior look truly magnificent.

17. Romantic

Romantic (1)

Here is a dining room with a really charming and romantic decoration, thanks to the use of the yellow floral wallpaper in a very soft pastel shade.

18. Simple

Simple (1)

Yellow walls paired with contemporary yellow chairs create an airy and vibrant atmosphere in this simple yet dazzling dining room.