spring living room

Spring decor can completely change the atmosphere in the house, and its creation does not require much effort and significant material investments. The article discusses several ways to implement straightforward ideas. You can take note of each and create something beautiful that can give joy to yourself and your loved ones.

1- Pleasant associations

1- Pleasant associations 2You can create a spring mood in the apartment with the help of beautiful decor

1- Pleasant associations 1Fresh flowers can change the environment around

Spring is a beautiful period of the year. When it comes, everything around wakes up from hibernation, something new is born, inspiration appears that makes you create and change the environment around you.

1- Pleasant associations 2Spring decor in the apartment

I want to invite spring to my home at this time, take it as an ally and feed on its energy. This can be done by creating unique decor. It must necessarily be associated or identified with the time of universal awakening.

1- Pleasant associations 2Traditional symbols of spring

To find the right connections, you can go outside and ask passers-by what objects and phenomena they associate with the beginning of spring. Many, when listing, mention the first greenery that comes out from under the snow, songs of birds, buds on tree branches, running babbling streams, colorful butterflies. When creating spring room decor, it is essential to keep these associations in mind and use traditional images.

2- Floral motifs

2- Floral motifs 1Floral motifs realized using the decoupage technique

You can admire the first flowers already in early March. First, snowdrops appear, then daffodils and tulips. Decorating a room with flowers is easy. To do this, you need to master the technique of decoupage. It is easy to restore old chairs, grandmother’s chests of drawers or sideboards using it.

2- Floral motifs 1Complete makeover of an old chest of drawers

Specialized stores sell special kits. They have everything: ready-made pictures depicting spring flowers, brushes, paints, fixing varnishes and PVA glue. After work, beautiful things turn out. The photo shows how well they fit into the finished interior.

2- Floral motifs 1Old wallpaper will help create the right mood

If rolls of old wallpaper are stored on the mezzanines, it is easy to paste them over the back of a glass showcase or the front of a tall pedestal. The room will immediately transform and become elegant beautiful.

2- Floral motifs 1Paper flowers are pasted on canvas

The floral theme can be played up by decorating the clock, placing bright reproductions and paintings on the shelves. To create the latter, unique talent is not needed. Everyone can make a canvas without a single stroke of paint. To do this, you need to take a canvas, paint it with a spray can, let it dry, cut out small flowers from colored paper and stick them in random order on the canvas. The picture will become even more spectacular if you centre on each flower. Such products look good in any interior.

2- Floral motifs 1Tulips made of fabric and foam rubber

2- Floral motifs 1Plywood hare and artificial flowers

Fab trimmings and foam rubber allow making flowers that will never wither. Tulip buds are formed from them. Twigs are made from thin wooden sticks. They are covered with PVA glue. The green fabric is attached on top. The bud is attached to the branch with a thermal gun.

3- Decorate with the plot “tree branches”

3- Decorate with the plot tree branchesPaper tree on the wall

You can admire such decorations endlessly. The awakening of trees and their flowering is the most exciting moment of spring. If you create something like this in the apartment, the mood will immediately rise. This can be implemented in the following ways.

4- Drawing on the wall

4- Drawing on the wall 1Tree drawing on the wall

To create it, you need to find a free flat surface, then paint its light color. When the paint dries, draw a crown and branches with a pencil (even those who do not have great artistic talent can do this).

4- Drawing on the wall 1Draw a tree and glue leaves to it

Many flowers are cut from wrapping paper. Children can be involved in this. The crown and branches are painted with brown paint at the final stage, and flower blanks are glued directly onto it. To make the drawing last longer, it must be covered with a moisture-resistant varnish.

5- Branches in a vase

5- Branches in a vaseBeautiful spring flower arrangement

5- Branches in a vaseTree branches in green bottles

When it is impossible to paint a wall, a given plot can be supported by creating an artificial tree. To do this, you need to pick up aluminium wire, wrap it with green silk paper (it is sold in needlework stores). From it, cut out small leaves and glue them to the werks using PVA glue. Branches can take any shape. You get a beautiful spring composition if you put them in a large vase.

6- Vinyl stickers

6- Vinyl stickersSpring decor created with vinyl stickers

If you don’t want to do needlework, you can decorate walls and boring interior items by buying unique vinyl stickers. This decor also looks very charming. The next photo is another confirmation of this.

7- Original ideas with birds

7- Original ideas with birds 1Birds in the interior of the room

7- Original ideas with birds 1Spring decor with birds

Birds do not sing yet in early spring, but they are actively returning from wintering. Their arrival confirms the victory of spring over winter, so the birds are the most famous symbol of the awakening of nature. It’s easy to beat him in the interior if you use the following ideas.

8- Dough pendants

8- Dough pendants 1A flock of salt dough pigeons

The dough is kneaded from flour, water and a large amount of salt. It rolls out. With the help of iron cookie cutters, figures are cut out (if there are no moulds, you can make a stencil from cardboard and cut blanks on it). Holes are made with a toothpick. A loop of fishing lines is then inserted into them.

8- Dough pendants 1Salt dough birds

8- Dough pendants 1Tree branch decorated with dough birds

After the dough dries well, it must be placed in the oven and at a temperature of 80ยบ and baked for two hours. When the cookies have cooled, they can be painted with food paints and then hung in the apartment, finding the most suitable place for this.

9- Birdhouse decor

9- Birdhouse decorDecor from birdhouses in the interior

9- Birdhouse decor 1Finished decorative birdhouses

In trade departments, ready-made birdhouses of various sizes are sold. The smallest, most compact of them are suitable for decorating a free wall. Products are nailed to the wall, additionally decorated with branches. Birds cut out from a colored glossy magazine are attached using PVA glue. This composition looks very fresh spectacular. It takes a little money to create it. The room, at the same time, is significantly transformed. Therefore, this idea must be taken into account.

10- Bright butterflies

10- Bright butterfliesBright butterflies immediately change the mood

Even if the weather is still chilly outside, you can let spring into the apartment by decorating the interior with butterflies. Winged beauties invariably attract attention and make many smiles.

11- Fluttering insects

11- Fluttering insectsButterflies on the pages of a reference book on biology

You can create a beautiful decor if you find a page in a biology reference book that shows several different images of butterflies, print it on a color printer, cut out only the outline of the wings with scissors and carefully wrap a transparent glass vase or a large tall glass with paper. The edges of the paper are then glued together, and a lit candle is placed on the bottom of the vessel. It turns out to be a gorgeous lamp, unlike any other.

12- 3D picture

12- 3D pictureVolumetric butterflies on a white host

12- 3D picture 1Walls as a canvas for creating a three-dimensional composition

12- 3D picture 1Origami will also help create a stylish spring decoration

12- 3D picture 1A flock of butterflies on strings

To create it, you need to buy a white canvas and wrapping paper, the front side of which is painted under the “ombre” (color gradient). With the help of a stencil, three dozen butterflies of different sizes are cut out of it. After that, it remains only to collect them in a flock on canvas, which scatters in all directions, fix each butterfly with glue. Such a panel can be hung anywhere (above the dining table, above the sofa in the living room, in the hallway on the wall). It will invariably bring a smile and delight with its simplicity.

13- Accent wall

13- Accent wallAccent wall decorated with ready-made commercial samples

If there is one in the interior, put fluttering insects on it, buy in a specialized store. There are skillful samples on sale, outwardly very similar to their prototypes. When flocks of such insects appear in the design, the atmosphere immediately enlivens and becomes more comfortable.

13- Accent wall 1Indoor plants bring life to the interior

13- Accent wall 2Rubber boots instead of a vase

13- Accent wall 2Spring composition for room decor

Green plants help to revive the interior and make it beautiful in spring. They can be grown in traditional ceramic pots or wooden boxes. Herbs grow well in them. When planted mixed with petunias, a very effective composition is obtained that can decorate any room.

13- Accent wall 2Green plants in coffee cups

It is not difficult to grow a garden in old cups and decanters. To do this, carefully drill a drainage hole at the bottom and use saucers to protect the surface of the support from water. It is better to plant pansies or any other undersized flowers in such containers. Such compositions are excellent decorations for kitchens or living rooms. They always look fresh and exciting.

13- Accent wall 2Greens in cereal containers

13- Accent wall 6Sprouted wheat as decoration

13- Accent wall 6Direct designation of the season

Try to put bunches of dill or parsley in cereal containers, and the mood will immediately change for the better. Paint the furniture in a bright color, decorate the chandelier with artificial flowers, hang a string of lights in the room. All this will help mark the season’s change and start a new stage in your life.

14- Briefly about the main

To create a spring mood in an apartment or house, you do not need to change the interior thoroughly. It is enough to change the decor, place bright accents, let go of your imagination and not be afraid to experiment, try something new. The ideas listed in the article will tell you how to decorate a room for spring and create a more joyful atmosphere.