Backless dresses are a summer event staple! This style is contemporary, eye-catching and perfect for switching up your same same event wear routine. The key to getting the most out of your dress is by switching up your styling and getting creative with the way that you accessories a piece for a particular event. Here are a few ideas to get you on your way…

Clean and Simple

Your backless dress is a vibe all on its own, it doesn’t really need much help to turn heads! Pull your hair into a high bun, add a classic Smokey eye and step into some platform wedges, all done!

Highlighted Features

Lean into the strong silhouette of your backless style and highlight it with some gorgeous accessories! You can either do this with a body chain or by wearing a pendant backwards. This creates a choker style at the front and enhances the elegant backless shape from the back! You can even do this with a ribbon or thin silk scarf, just be sure to wear your hair up to let everyone see your delicate detailing!

Photo Credit: Alamour The Label

Creative Contrasting

Use your accessories to create some cool, interesting contrasts in your silhouette. Try out geometric accessories, rounded shapes and chunky footwear to completely switch up the look and feel of your evening gown. This is a really great way of making your dress work for a range of different events. Think earthy materials such as leather, resin and hessian. These will all work gorgeously with one another whilst also bringing a creative contrast to the formality of your backless frock. 

How to find the perfect backless dress for you…

Feeling inspired and ready to find yourself that dream dress? These pointers will get you there sooner rather than later!

Make your measurements

Before you do anything you need to ensure that you’re up to date on the specifics of your own dimensions! It’s all well and good buying something that suits someone else’s frame, but really even the most beautiful dress in the world won’t look right if it doesn’t fit properly. Dig out the measuring tape and note down your chest, hip, waist and height numbers! You can use this information over and over again, so it’s worth the couple of moments that it takes to do. 

Set a budget

Next, more maths, sadly. Your budget is really important when you’re setting out on a shopping hunt, it’s going to determine where you can shop and what you can and can’t afford. The best thing about backless dresses is that they can be transformed with a range of accessories, which tend to be really affordable. Set your budget, grab your measurements, you’ll be ready for anything. 

Focus on fit

Your numbers will lead you towards cuts that are going to work with your unique dimensions, however, it’s important that you still take the time to scrutinize whether a dress’ particular cut is going to fit and flatter your frame as flawlessly as possible. Fit needs to come before any other details, look at your existing curation of dresses to spy styles that you already feel comfortable in!

Stay True to your Personal Style 

Lastly, whether you’re shopping or styling, it’s incredibly important that you remember to stay true to your personal style. Factoring in who you are and what you love is one of the easiest ways to always look beautiful. Trends come and trends go, but who you are is to stay. Forget about what you’re seeing everyone else doing, follow your own tastes and preferences, you’ll look and feel just like yourself, which in itself is beautiful.