5. Minimalist SPRING

Spring may have welcomed us with plenty of clouds and rain, but I think we all have a little need for renewal when decorating our home. Especially during the pandemic, we can not enjoy the beauty of spring, enjoying a cold coffee in our favorite cafe. At least let us welcome it properly from our homes. After all, it is pretty important to feel beautiful in our space, in general.

So, if you want to get in the spring mood somehow, I have gathered the most straightforward decorating ideas for you. With five simple steps, you bring spring to your place in the chuck beam. Spring is a very different season from the others. A spring decoration is one of the best ways to welcome the season and change the mood.


The most favorite element of spring is the flowers. Flowers in vases, in pots, in representations on the walls. There are many ways to incorporate floral designs into your spring home decor. But even if you are not a fan of floral designs, there are other ways to refresh yourself. Below are some ideas that will inspire you to bring spring to your home decor.

1- Add color & get rid of heavy textures

7- Add color & get rid of heavy textures

The first step to welcome spring as it deserves is to get rid of the dark color and the “heavy” fabrics. Thick, velvet and fleece blankets, “heavy” covers and dark colors that may dominate your space no longer have a place in it. Summer fabrics, light-colored blankets, pillowcases, and colorful decorations rightfully take the baton.

2- Flowers everywhere: The ultimate spring decoration

8- Flowers everywhere The ultimate spring decoration

Flowers everywhere: The ultimate spring decoration

What is the synonym of spring? Of course, the flowers. There is no better way to bring spring home than to fill it with flowers. A fresh bouquet in a vase is enough. Whether on the desk or the kitchen counter, or in the dining room, your home will be filled with spring scents and fragrances. Do not forget the wonderful indoor plants.

3- Revitalize your space with scented sticks and candles

Revitalize your space with scented sticks and candles

If you do not have the necessary space or your space does not have the necessary light that flowers require as living organisms, do not be disappointed. You can replace the flowers with scented sticks and scented candles. This way, your home will have the scent of real flowers.

4- Add a wreath to your door

4- Add a wreath to your door

What could be nicer than going home and waiting for a wreath full of flowers at the front door?

5- Navy style decoration

5- Navy style decoration

Summer may be late, but you can start changing the decoration of your home from now on, giving it a more summery aura. Besides, there was not much time left. The nautical style of decoration – or more commonly known, navy style – will renew your home with the soft shades of blue and white.

6. Floor without Rugs

3. floor

Spring is also the season when we take out the carpets. Your floor does not need a large and thick carpet, as needed in winter. In the spring, the weather gets better, and your floor now finds the opportunity to be exposed.

Of course, if your floor has a defect that you want to hide, you can still place a small mat. However, there is no reason to hide the floor of your house, especially if you believe that it can contribute to its decoration. A floor made of wood, marble, or paved with ornate tiles is worth seeing because it adds something more to the aesthetics of the space.

7. Beautiful balcony

4. balcony

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s nice to open your balcony doors and face a manicured balcony. The aromas of the flowers and the beauty of their colors can keep you an excellent companion during the spring period. There are many flowers for the balcony that bloom in spring, which means you have many choices. You can turn to seasonal plants to see fast growth and beautiful blooms.

In addition, in the spring, it is good to varnish the railings of your balcony to keep them in good condition. Finally, you can take care of the cleanliness of your garden or balcony furniture and the general cleanliness of the balcony. Thus, the spring decoration of your balcony will be harmoniously completed.

8. Floral wall wallpaper

1. Floral wall wallpaper

If you do not want to fill your house with real flowers, you can decorate the wall of your house with floral wallpaper. It will cost you less than painting a wall, and you are offered many options, in a wide variety. When you get bored of it or want to change the decoration style, you can easily remove it and put another wallpaper in its place or choose a different style for your wall.

9. Curtains

2. Light curtains

The winter decoration of the house requires heavier fabrics in curtains, carpets and sofa covers. The reason is that heavy fabrics help to insulate the house naturally and have more heat.

For spring decoration, you should follow the opposite logic. Your space needs to breathe and match the atmosphere outside. You can choose curtains made of gauze fabric or tulle.

10. Minimalist 

5. Minimalist 

This season gives you the perfect opportunity to try the minimalist style for your decoration. In the spring, you can put on lighter curtains and get rid of carpets and fabrics. You can decorate your space without excessive elements, with simple lines and designs and a few earthy colors. Of course, in this case, too, you can place a large vase of flowers in each room so that they transmit you positive energy and be an element that stands out.

11. Bright colors

6. Bright colors

If we assume that the minimalist style does not appeal to you for your decoration, you may want to turn to something happier and more lively. An idea for your spring decor is to invest in objects and interior decorations in cheerful spring designs with bright colors.

You can put cushions on the sofas in the living room. You can also decorate the space with small lanterns and candles to create a romantic atmosphere. After all, many consider spring to be the most romantic time of the year. A few happy tiny objects will completely change the look of your space and drive you away in the winter.

Wooden elements, decorative from rope, canvas and canvas, decorative with shells, pebbles and pebbles, linen and cotton pillows, curtains and sofa covers in blue and white shades are some of the decorative elements that will give your home the ultimate style.