Ladies, we all have been there. Feeling itching, burning, and irritation down there is something that may happen for several reasons. You may have the best care possible and use the best products of intimate care, and you may still feel some kind of discomfort. 

This can happen for different reasons: season change, poor nutrition, wrong underwear, poorly washed undies, allergy to certain materials, and so on. Now, we all know that it happens, and in most cases isn’t something that you should in general stress about, or run to your gynecologist in tears. 

Before you do so (prevention is what keeps us healthy, even down south) check these tips on how to relieve vulvar irritation. Who knows, maybe your best solution lies in the lines below. Read on. 

Do You Have the Right Underwear On?

Do you wear cotton panties that enable your body to breathe? Are you comfortable in your undies? Do they itch you, or do you feel them? 

High-quality underwear should feel unexisting. This is extra important when it comes to your periods. If you have noticed that after your periods’ vulva irritates you, you might think about what is happening while your periods are on. 

Are you up for an alternative, and something that could keep you more comfortable during those days? If so, and you want to have peaceful and dry nights you should buy Mme l’Ovary panties: these panties are specially designed to keep you dry during those days and nights; they are much more than just menstrual underwear as they are washable and made with two compartments, one for clean pads and the other for dirty. Gotta love practical underwear, right?

Use the Right Product

How do you wash your vulva? If you are using regular soap, know that it may lead to some irritation levels. This is why you should think about switching to products specially designed for vulva care.

These products can be extra useful during your period. They will help you maintain the normal PH of the vagina – this is important when it comes to preventing bacterial infection. 

Ten Fast Tips On Keeping Your Vulva Irritation-Free

  1. Always wear comfortable panties
  2. Avoid pants that are too tight or of poor material 
  3. Wear cotton, and avoid synthetic fabrics
  4. Use condoms
  5. Use products for intimate care
  6. Don’t scratch
  7. After number two, always wipe from front to back
  8. Do not douche 
  9. Avoid sexual contact until symptoms improve
  10. Avoid scented creams, bubble baths, and feminine sprays

Last, But Not Least

There are many reasons why vulva irritation may appear. Symptoms listed above should make the irritation easier, but nothing will replace a full check-up. Make sure that you have regular check-ups. Your doctor will give you guidelines to help you improve your vulva condition in the fastest way possible.

Make sure that you inform your doctor of your symptoms, when they first appeared, and how they affect you. Don’t be shy, as your gynecologist is there to help you, and there is no better way to help you than talking honestly about what troubles you.