One of the exciting ways to brighten up a dull day is through fashion. You don’t have to spend more money to achieve a striking look. You have to master the fashion secret `mix and match. ` Many people wear black, white and grey pieces of clothing. Have you ever wondered why? Such people do not know how to style a bunch of different colors. Check out reviews bird to see some online shop reviews left by other customers. Below is a guide on how to mix and match your clothing pieces.

The color wheel

 Dark colors like black and grey are the most go-to for most people. Adding some striking pieces will help you create a more dramatic statement even with these shades’ simplicity. There’s more to fashion than just black and grey. Dark shades are generally great when paired with light colors. You can try any color pairings like turquoise & maroon, violet & yellow, orange &blue, and green & red. Check out the color wheel for more insights on the color combination.

Monochrome match

Monochromatic fashion scheme is one of the oldest fashion styles. The idea here is to make one color create a unique fashion sense and choosing the right ensembles. You can pair a high-slit top with skinny jeans, or add more touch by choosing your style. You can rock that interview with a monochromatic color scheme, and it is also ideal for the office.

Analogous attraction

You can always create a fantastic look with just one color of different shades. You don’t have to worry yourself with uncertain color combinations. Choose a dark shade for parts you want to conceal partially and a lighter color for parts you want to spice up. Simple color choices look more depth. For example, you can pair your neon orange blouse with some shades relatively close to orange, like red or tangerine.

Bold Color Mix

Fashion is all about trying new colors, so don’t be afraid to try. Fashion is pervasive and exciting; thus, bold colors are the best way to glam your look. Make a creative surprise using analogous colors for your dominant shade and mix it with a contrasting color. Wear the stunning shade to turn simple analogous fashion into a definite exclamation point. Take a big step by trying to blend up some fascinating color combinations.  

Prints and Patterns

You already know that the initial step of great fashion sense is finding the right hues that mix and match each other. Get that smashing fashion by pairing your prints and patterns. The ideal thing to do in prints and patterns is to choose one print to dominate as an accent. You can also mix prints of the same fabric family but with different scales. The only hard thing about printed and patterned clothes is choosing the right accessories to compliment the already stunning look. You can choose minimal accessories that stand out even with all the patterns. 

Neutral Mishmash

One of the well-love neutral colors is black & white. You can never go wrong with this neutral mishmash fashion style; therefore, you can consider it whenever you are running out of time or in doubt. Neutral mishmash is the most effortless way of styling yet elegant combination. Neutral colors include white, black, grey, brown, and all of the colors in-between. They match with all color combinations.

Shoe selfie

Once you have chosen your clothes, you have to choose the right shoes to complete your look. One rule here is to choose a shoe that will harmoniously work with your outfit.