Searching for a stunning silver ring? Finding the right fit can be a bit of a lengthy process, but not to worry, these quick and simple pointers will lead you to your dream ring in absolutely no time! Follow these tips and tricks to track down the perfect adornment…

Find the right fit

Determine your ring size before anything else. You can find ring sizers, use a good old fashioned tape measure, or take a peek at your existing ring collection to find your number. You can always get your dream design resized, so don’t stress too much if you’re feeling unsure when you’re shopping for your new silver ring online.

Credit: Lassanai

Set a budget

Next, set yourself a shopping budget. Nailing down your spending numbers really determines where you can and can’t shop. The great thing about shopping for solid silver and sterling silver is that you get an amazing, uncoated metal that’s perfect quality for incredibly reasonable prices. Other precious options such as gold and platinum cost significantly more and are often simply coated over sterling silver – making them vulnerable to tarnishing and scratching. Silver is the perfect future proof investment, particularly for rings which are constantly falling victim to daily wear and tear.

Material considerations

Have a good think about the adornments and details that you’d like to see when you look down at your new silver ring. Think about gemstones, etchings, metal effects and engravings to find a ring that really feels like you. Your jewelry should be a reflection of you, so follow your instinct and shop for the colors, materials and patterns that you naturally gravitate towards!

Factor in your collection

You’ll also need to consider your existing curation of treasures when you’re looking for something new. One of the best things about silver is that it blends perfectly with pretty much every hue out there, plus, it plays nice with alternate undertones such as gold, rose gold and bronze, so you don’t have to fuss over whether your new ring will look like the odd one out. Think about the essential rings that you already wear everyday to ensure that the ring you select blends seamlessly without too much styling effort on your part – no one wants a high maintenance hand!

Shop according to your personal style

Silver is beautifully timeless and totally future proof, but you still want to ensure that you’re not spending your hard earned money on trend pieces. Fashion comes and goes, but classic, organic styles last forever. Shop for rings that feel right for you to find your own kind of timeless that you love now, and that you know you’ll love way down the line. If you adore all things maximalist and eclectic in color, hunt for gemstones and chunkier styles. Maybe you’re more of a minimalist at heart? Veer towards daintier, delicate rings that you can stack or wear alone. Staying true to your personal style will lead you to the perfect silver ring, for you!

Go slow and prepare to invest

Lastly, just be prepared to invest in quality jewelry. When it comes to rings, quality always comes before quantity. Take your time, browse your options and really think about your own personal tastes and preferences before you even think about spending on a silver ring. Search for sustainable, ethical brands to find yourself something that looks as good as it is kind to the planet and the humans that worked to craft it! Ethical sterling silver will be in your life for a long time, so you can feel comfortable investing.

There you have it! Set out on your ring hunt today.