Fashion is not stagnant.  Rather it is dynamic or in other words constantly changing.  Brands strive to keep up with trends or introduce new pieces hoping to set off a new trend.  One fashion brand that is taking the fashion world by storm and capturing young women’s attention in particular is GITI Online Inc. which was founded and owned by Christopher Chong.  As successful as GITI is today in 2021 where thousands of orders funnel in each week and the company’s Instagram social media handle boasts a bold following of 126 thousand followers, it all began with humble beginnings.  How did Christopher Chong bring GITI Online Inc. to the successful life it leads today?

It all began in 2003 at Oak mall in Gainesville, Florida.  Chong wanted to create a store that featured trendy pieces for young women to freely express themselves.  The store fared well but it didn’t reach the scope of what an ecommerce counterpart would per say so eventually, Chong made the switch and hence, GITI became known as GITI Online Inc.  At first, orders were minimal but quickly escalated.  The way in which they escalated was in thanks primarily to the business’ social media platforms.  Chong made use of multiple social media avenues ranging from Facebook to Instagram and YouTube.

Not only did social media help to get the word out on the products Chong was selling and distributing via GITI Online Inc., but the social platforms helped to also establish a brand identity which Chong cites as an essential component of any business.  In Chong’s words himself, “no matter how much inventory you have or experience – make sure to have a great brand identity.”  And Chong looks up to social media specifically as the primary method of forming such a brand identity.  But it’s not just about social media itself but rather what one curates with it.  Chong emphasizes the importance of creating original content and being consistent with it so that both current and potential buyers can have a connection to put behind the products that connects back to the brand identity itself.  Interesting content draws in internet so therefore Chong has made that a core part of his marketing schemes.

Seeing as GITI Online Inc. first started in a brick and mortar layout, the switch to online was not a simple road.  Rather it had its share of challenges and bumps.  What inspired the transition between an in-person to virtual shopping experience was another essential ingredient in Chong’s recipe to success – “studying the market”, as Chong puts it himself.  As Chong says, “trends change all the time, it’s all about keeping up with the current market trends.”  And the so-called “current market trend” as Chong saw it was going virtual because as time has passed on, the demand for online experiences has increased.  Although he knew it would not be entirely simple, Chong foresaw it as a good career move based on the trends he was examining.  Ultimately, he knew he had to jump onto the bandwagon as well and it indeed ended up being very fruitful and a full blown success.

The methods Chong used to take GITI Online Inc. into successful depths are not complicated.  Rather they are simple upon really examining them.  However, through consistency and perseverance, Chong used all the resources he had at his disposal to his advantage to make something greater of what was once a small company.  Today, GITI Online Inc. rakes in thousands and thousands of customers.  To keep up with what’s up next for GITI Online Inc., follow the social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and GITI’s very own website.