Security is something that everybody needs to protect life and possession. In the past, we have seen big robberies take place in mansions, banks, and superstores. Despite having a security guard on duty, things went out of control because burglars are smart and they know how to deal with such security personnel. 

However, technology has gone even smarter than ever. With a smart home security system, you can protect every nook and corner of your house. Smart home devices are gaining hype in the recent past and security systems are not an exception. But before you invest in a smart home security system, mind that your internet connection is stable and delivers speed. Not only to run smart home devices but also to manage other devices connected to the same network. 

The majority of internet service providers offer internet with high-speed. But when it comes to performance, it is not as good as advertised. However, with HughesNet Internet, things are different as they offer seamless internet connection and reliable customer support. 

We assume you have subscribed to the best plan offered by HughesNet Internet that meets your requirements. Now let’s take a look at some of the best home security systems you could invest in to protect your house from uninvited guests, burglars, and robbers. 

Smart Door Lock 

The smart door lock is another great addition to your home security. The all-in-one smart door lock allows you to unlock the door either through fingerprint, code, mechanical key, and smartphone. Without hiring and paying any professional to install the door lock, you can easily replace the existing knob or lever with a screwdriver. 

If you are away from home and some guests arrive, you can grant access from anywhere. You can also check the logs to know who has entered your home. The smart door lock can be accessed through a fingerprint ID powered by a self-learning algorithm. 


SimpliSafe is one of the most trustworthy and reputed names among consumers that has been producing state of the art alarm systems for dwellers. The best thing about SimpliSafe’s solution is its cost-effective products that are easy to install so that you can monitor your home all the way long. 

The starter kit costs you up to $200, which is much cheaper than hiring a security officer. Keeping the cost low, SimpliSafe develops a user-friendly system, covers a greater area, and can offer a clear vision at night. If you look at similar products, you will find too much difference in the cost. 

Wyze Home Monitoring 

Wyze Home Monitoring is a great way to enhance the security of your home without breaking the bank. The base kit includes a motion detector, a base station with a siren, window/door sensors, and a keypad. All of it costs only around $80 and if you add $10 per month, you will get professional monitoring as well. 


If you want to enjoy home automation and security simultaneously, make sure to get it done by professionals from Vivint. The equipment by Vivint is compatible with the company’s smart home products. Don’t worry, you will also get compatibility with third-party devices. For instance, you can control a wide variety of equipment such as garage door openers, video doorbells, smart locks, and security cameras. 

Keep in mind that the Vivint security system is quite costly compared to other security systems. You can also get an installment plan lasting from 42 to 60 months without any down payment or interest. However, if you pay the cost upfront, you won’t be locked into a long-term contract. All you need to pay is for monitoring. 

The best part is that Vivint equipment will install and configure devices and systems after offering an in-home consultation. 

Wrapping it up

If you are moving towards home automation and transforming your home into a smart one, make sure to take a look at the aforementioned smart home security systems. The more you add to it, the better it will be. Also, check the prices and plans offered by various companies, and choose what suits your budget.