Weddings are moments of bliss and joy. It is a Once-in-a-lifetime moment, so it needs to be perfect. If you want the presence of all of your guests, then remind them before the official settlement of nuptials.

How to do that? By sending save the date postcards! These might not be the official cards, but they help remind your busy guests about the upcoming event they have to be a part of.

But to spend thousands on them does not sound sensible. This article will get you covered about cheap wedding save the dates.

What are save the date postcards?

Save the date postcards are not the official wedding invitation cards. They are just a way of reminding your lovely close ones about the upcoming Wedding. So they can mark their calendar or ” save the date.”

They are not actual cards, and they can be of any size and shape. Yet spending thousands on a not-so-official card will not make you look smart.

There’s already a lot to the wedding event from preparation to settlement of nuptials and after that. A save the date postcard must be cheap enough to get you through the event.

Following are some cheap save the date card ideas:

There are a lot of factors that influence the price of save-the-date postcards. From the papers used to the embellishing materials, you can save money at every step.

1. Customize them yourself:

The best way is to customize it yourself at home. It needs a little care, and you are good to go.

If you want to customize it yourself, you need to be mindful of the following things:

  • Paper material:

Your paper material can save you big pockets. Choose a not-so-thick paper as it will cost you less. An appropriate thickness is just what you need, and that will be enough for your save-the-date postcards.

Nowadays, save the date transparent cards are in trend as well. You can go for either a normal paper or a transparent one. They will cost you more or less the same.

  • Embellishing material:

Please do not make it blingy, and it will cost you more that way. Make it catchy and appealing. Beautify it with appropriate glitz and glatz. 

Make sure to go for cheap yet catchy embellishes. Going out of your budget may leave you in distress.

  • Wax Seals, if any:

Seals are trendy, and they are appealing to look at. They are a long-going tradition as well. You might be thinking that wax seals are expensive, but to your surprise, they are very affordable and easy to handle. You have to handle it carefully when it is hot otherwise it can burn your skin.

Use colorful wax to seal your postcards to make them look exquisite. This will beautify your wedding postcard and add a catchy factor to it.

  • Way of writing:

It completely depends upon you if you want the block letters or write stylishly. It’s better to write it in a beautiful, more appealing, and engaging way than a boring block letter system.

After going through all these, you will be surprised to see your expenses. You will know that just a little has been spent on postcards.

2. Digital save the date cards:

Is there a cheaper option you can think of? “Yes” is the answer we have for you!

Choose an app and customize your very own digital postcard. From customizing to finalizing and even mailing your loved ones, you can do all that free of cost. In digital mode, you can go fancier and make a very expensive-looking card without spending any money.

You can use all your imaginations, skills, and creativity to come up with the best wedding postcards and then mail them to your guests through the mail, spending no money.

Digital composing and mailing a wedding postcard can leave your pockets heavy and save you from worries of waiting for the card to get printed and compiled.

Summing up:

Weddings are an important event as the couple starts a new life together. Through postcards, they announce their decision for the first time, so it has to be catchy and lovely. Still, it is not the official card, so you need to spend wisely and smartly.