Every bedroom should feel and look cozy and welcoming. No one wants to avoid the bedroom when it is time to sleep because it is not inviting. But how do you go about decorating your bedroom? Choosing everything in floral patterns and design is not what this means. But knowing what to add, remove and maintain to have an inviting bedroom. The bedroom should be a sanctuary and a personal getaway. It should express your feelings, colors, and collections. Below are some things to remember as you decorate your bedroom. 

Keep the bedroom simple 

Regardless of the style of decorating you choose for your bedroom. Maintain a simple but elegant look. Ensure you have ease of movement by leaving space between the bed and the sidewalls. And other pieces of furniture you have in the room. Also, furnish your bedroom with what you need, and use. A bed, a nightstand, quality mattress, toppers for sagging mattresses, a dresser, a chair, and other necessities are basic things you need. Keep accessories to a minimum and add a piece of artwork, some family photos, and candles or flowers if you so wish.

 Choose a subtle color 

Soothing shades are better than bold primary colors while decorating your bedroom. Choose calm and serene colors such as hues of blue or green. Rich jewel-toned hues help set the mood for comfort and coziness. Consider deep pomegranate, toasty browns, or topaz. Also, you can consider toned-down versions of your favorite colors. That may mean choosing pumpkin instead of tangerine. 

Include various lighting options

It is boring to have simple lighting in your bedroom. Thus, layer your lighting throughout the room. Small lamps are best to focus light for reading. Ambient lighting is the best to light the whole room. And accent lights help to wash the walls in soft illumination. Use a bedside lamp to focus the reading light where you need it. The light should have a dimmer and be adjustable. As you decorate your room, consider the various lightings you can add to it to upgrade the space. 

Don’t overlook the ceiling

The fifth wall in the bedroom is the ceiling. When you lie in your bed in the bedroom, enjoy a soft color or subtle pattern. To paint the ceiling, choose a lighter version of the wall color. In doing this, you virtually lower the ceiling and give the space a feeling of intimacy and comfort. Optionally you can choose to wallpaper the ceiling or use decorative paint treatment. But, if you want ultimate luxury. A canopy and silver-leafed bedroom ceilings are ways to have a unique design to your ceiling. Also, you can add a chandelier to have something going on up there. 

Cover the windows

A beautifully dressed window helps to frame the view and the window and provides another way to add pattern, color, texture, and softness to a bedroom you are decorating. For instance, if you prefer to use sheer curtains that filter light, combine with opaque roller blinds that you can pull down to block morning light and maintain privacy at night. For all draperies, include drapery lining or opaque blinds to keep the sun out when you want to sleep late. 

Include a private nook 

As part of the decorations, add a private nook to your room, a quiet place to sit and read, as a special gift to yourself. Create an intimate lounging or reading area with a comfortable chair in a corner. If your room is spacious, build a window seat. Enjoy the natural light and the view. But, be careful not to use this nook as a place to dump all your jewelry, books, clothes, and other things. This will cause your room to start developing clutter.  

To sum up, the above are some of the rules to consider if you are decorating your bedroom. Also, remember to choose the right furniture, have plenty of storage, and indulge in luxurious linens. Notably, allow your room to be a gateway. Discipline yourself to keep your computer, phone, television, exercise machines out of the bedroom. Create a place you cherish to renew and relax. You will enjoy having room to sleep, reading, and romance.