Hair says a lot about a person, this should not make you be rigid about how you style it. When you have hair, you should be able to be as expressive as possible. Make sure you research on different hairstyles and try them out.

The good thing about hairstyles is that you can easily undo them, unless you shaved, or dyed your hair permanently.

Work with a professional hairstylist who will take care of your hair and your scalp. Unhealthy hair is not attractive, and it will take you a while you regain your healthy hair. Which means prevention is better than care.

Buy trusted hair products and learn how to care for your hair as well. You might not always have the money to visit a salon. This does not mean that you should let your hair be unhealthy until you can afford salon visits.

In today’s generation, hair is not a woman’s thing alone. Men too invest in making their hair grow and be healthy. I bet you’ve seen a couple of boys with ponytails or dreadlocks at your school.

Aside from wondering ‘Who’ll write my essays?’ you should also think about the right hairstyles to rock throughout the semester.


This is a very protective hairstyle that ensures your hear does not fall off. Dreadlocks also keep your edges in place. There is nothing as frustrating as having hair loss along your hairline.

Find a reliable loctitian who knows what they’re doing. If you’re thinking of locking your hair, get recommendations from people who already have dreadlocks.

You can also watch YouTube videos so that you know how to care for the locs when you get them. Dreadlocks are quite versatile and simple.

If you’re not a sophisticated person, they’ll suit you.


Going bald is a huge trend today among men and women. It’s an excellent expression of starting with a clean slate. If you’re going through a rough patch, consider shaving your hair and use its growth as encouragement that the change you seek will find you.

College life can be quite hectic and sometimes what you need is to shave your hair and start growing it all over again.

Go Natural


Even though straightening your hair and using chemicals helps you manage it better, going natural is also a good option. You can then purchase all-natural products that do not alter the natural sense of your hair.

Dye your Hair

You can either use permanent or temporary dye depending on your intentions. Go with the temporary dye if this is your first time so you can wash it off in case you do not like it.

Treat your Hair

If you have kinky hair, treating your hair would be a perfect way of making it straight and flowy. This does not mean you don’t appreciate your natural hair. You should give yourself the permission to explore different hair options.


There are so many hairstyles to try out in college, so don’t restrict yourself. Go with the flow and allow your hair to help you express how you feel. Work with healthy hair products that protect your hair from damage.