If you’re craving a new look and can’t afford another tattoo, or have run out of things to pierce, you might be due for a new cut or color.

Not everyone is interested in cute braids or feminine updos. For those of you ready to bust out something unique to your style, we’re going to be listing options for hairstyles on the edgier side of things. Whether you want long or short hair, natural or vibrant color, one of these styles might be eye catching enough for you to bring to a stylist.

Keep in mind that the price point on these styles will vary depending on any additions, such as color, or preferences.

1. Pompadour

This hairstyle was actually named for one of King Louis XV’s mistresses.

It’s an asexual cut, used across all genders and ages, and is attractive on many face shapes. The pompadour has also made its way across many different eras, but it always comes back around.

It’s created by combing hair back, up, and over at the top of the head, and works best with a short cut. You can use many different kinds of styling products – pomades and texture products will be great for holding this look in place as well as adding a personal touch.

Maintenance for this look depends entirely on you!

2. Yin-Yang Color

There are countless options when it comes to hair color, but punk styles tend to be on the more rebellious side. If you’re not looking to change your cut you might consider changing your color. You can keep it natural or go a bit crazy, which is what we present here.

The Yin-Yang look involves dividing hair, no matter what style, right down the middle and coloring each half differently.

Popular choices are black with a vibrant color, or contrasting colors such as blue/orange or purple/yellow. This is a great look because you can really tailor it to what you like – make it bright or subtle, long or short.

3. Undercut Mohawk

Both undercuts and mohawks are popular when it comes to the more rebellious fashion, and both are also asexual.

Undercuts have been popular throughout many eras and involve a longer length on the top of the head and a close shave on the sides. In some cases, designs may be shaved into the sides, as simple as a few lines or as elaborate as shapes and words.

Mohawks bring to mind the classic, high and spiked look, but they can be reeled in and made a bit more tame. You can personalize with curls, spikes, or a short cropped hawk. No matter what direction you seem to take it these two styles seem to pair well together.

4. Asymmetrical Cut

Asymmetrical cuts are becoming more popular as individuals get comfortable stepping out of set styles. These haircuts range in subtlety and can be worn short or long.

Asymmetry can be from front to back or side to side. Often people choose to keep hair long on one side and may even choose an undercut on the other. In some cases, hair in the back may be cut to the nape of the neck and angled forward so that the locks up front are shoulder-length or longer.

Talk to your stylist about the best way to achieve what you’re going for, whether it’s a clean or layered look.

5. Grey Ombre

Ombre coloring has been increasing in popularity recently. It’s a beautiful effect that takes a professional hand, so you’ll want to look into salon pricing before you choose to go in this direction. The color is often made to look natural, but can be manipulated to be striking and unique.

Grey color has also been embraced by fashion – which is great news for anyone embracing going naturally grey! In the past, darker colors have been associated with the punk movement, but it’s really about embracing your individuality and standing out. Lighter colors are a great way to accomplish this as well, so greys and bleached blondes/whites are definitely an option.

Ombre usually goes dark to light at the tips, however it can be reversed for a light to dark look.

Of the five styles we’ve delved into above, all are able to be tailored to the desire of the wearer. Whether you’re looking to get in deep with the punk fashion, or just want to dabble a bit to add a bit of drama to your every-day look, each hairstyle can be tweaked to fit your level of comfort when it comes to how you present yourself to the world.

Keep in mind that depending on what you want done and where you choose to go, levels of expertise and procedures might cost more or less.