30 Best High Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas (1)

A high tech and decorative object? Easy ! Television like a painting, folding solar light, enclosure like a design object and terrazzo version charging station, discover 30 high-tech and decorative Christmas gifts to slip under the tree.

1. A high tech and decorative refrigerator

A high tech and decorative refrigerator (1)

He is the star model of kitchens in search of a retro style. The SMEG refrigerator, known for its rounded design and chrome details, is a decorative element in its own right that there is no question of hiding. Available in several colors, it will be the vintage touch of a contemporary kitchen.

2. A high tech and decorative wall speaker

A high tech and decorative wall speaker (1)

Sculptural work or high-tech wall speaker? And why not both? It’s up to you to imagine your own composition for a majestic effect. The kind of gift that perfectly mixes technology and decoration.

3. A high-tech and decorative indoor vegetable garden

A high-tech and decorative indoor vegetable garden (1)

It will be the perfect ally for city dwellers in need of greenery. Thanks to this indoor vegetable garden, we cultivate our aromatic herbs while bringing a touch of greenery to the house. The perfect high-tech gift idea for the city.

4. A box for high tech and decorative hair

A box for high tech and decorative hair (1)

The limited-edition Dyson Airwrap features a refined copper color. Stored in its box, the drying, and styling device can be placed on the bathroom shelf or the dressing table to keep it within reach without polluting the decoration of the room.

5. A high tech and decorative soundbar

A high tech and decorative sound bar (1)

For home cinema sessions, nothing better than a soundbar that will immerse all spectators in the heart of the 7th art. And since it will be on display for all to see, you might as well opt for a model with a contemporary design. This is the case with this model, to be fixed to the wall, or to be installed.

6. A high-tech and decorative charging station

A high-tech and decorative charging station (1)

Recharging your cell phone by inviting the terrazzo home, seems complicated. Yet that’s exactly what this contemporary-looking charging station offers. Thus, we combine technology and design objects. The kind of Christmas present that hits the mark!

7. Decorative fixed speaker

A high-tech and decorative fixed speaker (1)

The retro design of this fixed speaker makes it a perfect decorative object. It will easily find its place in the living room and will breathe a chic and warm atmosphere thanks to its walnut chest. The kind of essential high-tech and decoration that we proudly display at home!

8. A high tech and decorative television

A high tech and decorative television (1)

Television is the kind of object that has never been found in interior design. What if it turns into a painting or a photograph when it is turned off? This is the magical power of this model. The perfect representative of a 2.0 technology that will find its place on the living room or bedroom wall.

9. Decorative folding lamp

Decorative folding lamp (1)

A lamp that fits in a drawer? Difficult to imagine. Yet this is what this model offers, inspired by a blank sheet of paper that comes to life when you manipulate it. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it is mobile and represents real space-saving. The kind of unusual high-tech object and especially design that will undoubtedly have its small effect …

10. Decorative nomadic speaker

decorative nomadic speaker (1)

It is one of the high-tech objects of the moment: the portable speaker. Its couture look thanks to its leather handle and its compact design make this model a small decoration that will find its place on a shelf. It is available in several colors.

11. Decorative portable lamp

decorative portable lamp (1)

Thanks to this nomadic table lamp, it’s impossible to run out of light. Its naive design and its fully illuminated structure once lit make it a clever decorative object. Ideal for future summer evenings!

12. A high-tech and designer pastry robot

A high-tech and designer pastry robot (1)

No need to present this little taste gem accustomed to contemporary interiors. Its empire red color and its curvaceous design make it a pastry robot that we gladly leave on the worktop and a high-tech gift idea that will bring a retro touch and therefore necessarily decorative to the kitchen.

13. Decorative radio

Decorative radio (1)

The first design object to make the cover of Times magazine, this little radio has become iconic. Thanks to its waterproof silicone coating, it is mobile even in the shower. Available in several colors, from the most pastel shades to the most vitamin tones, it is a cheap high-tech object that goes through time without taking a wrinkle.

14. The king of the ASPI-brooms

The king of the aspi-brooms (1)

It is one of our favorites of the year. The Triflex HX1 cordless stick vacuum maybe a little more expensive than its competitors, but in use, this additional cost is totally justified. First, by its suction power, multiplied by its motorized brush. But also by its ergonomics and its minimum size. Not to mention its scalable design which allows the engine block to be moved to make it more manageable and to adapt it to the configuration of the room.

15. Hey Siri Mini

Hey Siri Mini (1)

Apple’s Homepod is coming for the holidays in a size – and a price! – min. This home speaker allows you to listen to your music with 360 ° sound but also to benefit from all the services of the voice assistant Hey Siri (very practical for launching a timer or a podcast when cooking, for example …) and easily control its various connected devices. As a bonus, its neat design makes technological elements disappear behind a “mesh” fabric of the most beautiful effect.

16. Clean, warm air

Clean, warm air (1)

The health crisis has made us aware of the importance of indoor air quality and its renewal. To get rid of viruses of all kinds but also VOCs, these harmful products from paints, carpets, and other construction materials, which pollute our atmosphere, an air purifier is essential. And in winter temperatures, if it’s heating, it’s even better! The Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic combines these two functions in a device with elegant lines that displays the pollution index of the room in real-time. The manufacturer certifies that it removes 99.95% of fine particles.

17. High-tech cooking like a chef

High-tech cooking like a chef (1)

In terms of cooking, there have not been so many innovations since the arrival of the microwave. However, with “Dialog”, Miele invents a new way of cooking. This range of ovens benefits from a revolutionary technology, which makes it possible to simultaneously prepare a piece of meat AND homemade bread while controlling the temperature in its different zones, without overcooking or drying out. The German manufacturer first demonstrated this by managing to cook a fish placed in a block of ice without melting it. Beyond this performance, the Dialogs allow you to prepare all your dishes much faster, without sacrificing their taste or texture.

18. Headphones to isolate

Headphones to isolate (1)

Isolate yourself Since you and your friends need the best of the best, we have chosen the latest Sony product for you. Its name is a bit complicated – WH-1000XM4 – but its use is ultra-simple with intuitive touch controls. The pads are comfortable, the noise reduction perfect, the sound crystal clear. We relax, we close our eyes.

19. A turntable to revise your classics

A turntable to revise your classics (1)

Over 50 years of expertise, it shows. And when it comes to a turntable, you can hear it. You can see it on this manual belt-drive model from Audio-Technica. The Japanese manufacturer has chosen a real teak veneer to dress this record player which offers an analog sound that is really good.

20. A new generation game console

A new generation game console (1)

You are not taught anything, it is more than difficult to find a Next Gen game console, understand the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. This is why it can be smart to look back on the version “Light” of the Xbox Series X, the Series S. It is certainly less efficient than its big sister, does not have a Blu-ray drive nor the same storage capacity (512 GB announced, 384 GB effective against 1 TB and 812 GB effective for Series X). But the 8-core CPU clocked at 3.6 GHz, the maximum resolution of 1440p at 120 frames per second and the 10 GB RAM will do the job well. It’s also 100 euros cheaper than the other two consoles mentioned above so …

21. A pair of musical sunglasses

A pair of musical sunglasses (1)

Bose had everyone in mind when creating their dedicated music sunglasses. Three models are available: Tempo for sport (cycling, running, climbing, etc.), Tenor, and Soprano for everyday life. Equipped with an advanced voice sensor, optimized volume equalizer, and dual beam spatial filtering that minimizes interference (wind, noise), they are called Frames and will let you see (and hear) the sound. life differently.

22. A connected watch for gamers

A connected watch for gamers (1)

The Instinct Esports Edition is a robust and connected GPS watch dedicated to… esport enthusiasts. An increasingly popular discipline, esports is now the target of high-tech manufacturers. Garmin offers the classic functions of a smartwatch (time, heart rate, sleep monitoring, number of steps, calories burned, etc.) but also a specific function dedicated to the analysis of heart rate and stress level during the game. Garmin indicates that the watch analyzes “heart rate fluctuations to measure an individual’s stress level, thereby optimizing stress management to better conserve physical and mental resources”. If you don’t win after that…

23. A smart speaker for your connected home


These are multiroom speakers that are well installed, they are also able to answer your questions, control your connected objects (such as your Philips Hue bulbs or your thermostat), but also stream content to your TV. Note that the Home Mini is a good introduction to the sector: for less than 60 euros, it provides access to all the functions of Google Assistant. We tested both products, including the latest Home Mini.

You can also choose the Amazon Echo option. These speakers allow you to chat with the Alexa assistant, which offers a large ecosystem with accessories and applications. 

24. A stabilizer for smartphones to make beautiful videos ( stabilized)


Making successful videos with your smartphone is not that easy. Especially when you’re trying to create beautiful 4K tracking shots without shaking. For 4K, no worries, most smartphones shoot in 4K. On the other hand, not all cameras are stabilized in the same way and internal stabilizers will never be as effective as a product dedicated to this use. This is the case with DJI, which notably developed the Osmo 2.

25. A spherical camera to see life in 360 degrees

A spherical camera to see life in 360 degrees (1)

360-degree cameras are popular: they allow you to make panoramas in photography, but also 360-degree videos that you can then view in a virtual helmet, or directly on your smartphone screen. Finally, some cameras allow the 360-degree image of the spherical camera to be broadcast live on Facebook Live, YouTube, and Periscope. We have made a comprehensive buying guide on these 360-degree cameras.

26. An E-reader

An E-reader (1)

Why not an e-reader? You have two families of e-readers, the Amazon Kindle and the Kobos that can be found at Fnac. 

27. Connected bulbs


Connected bulbs have been around for many years, but they can now be remotely controlled by artificial intelligence (Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc.). In white LEDs, but also in colors, several brands are positioned in this market.

Philips Hue is the market benchmark with many products. The interest of these products, beyond their quality, is the ecosystem of the platform. Indeed, Hue bulbs are compatible with Nest, Apple HomeKit, Sowee, Google Assistant, but also Somfy. Several starter kits are available, in colored LEDs, but also “white” LEDs.

28. An android TV box or a Chromecast

An android TV box or a chromecast (1)

If your TV is not connected, or if you feel cramped with a TV box operator, two solutions are available to you: the Chromecast, in the form of an HDMI dongle. It allows you to stream videos from your smartphone, tablet, or PC to a TV. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Plex, Molotov, myCanal… the vast majority of applications are compatible with Chromecast.

But the Android TV box is today the best way to equip your TV. In addition to a built-in Chromecast function, Android TV provides access to apps and games on your TV. It is the direct competitor to Apple TV, with a very rich ecosystem. The benchmark product is the NVIDIA Shield Android TV, which offers the best performance with 4K HDR compatibility. You can also opt for the Xiaomi Mi Box, which is much more accessible (and also 4K compatible). Also look at the Mi Box S, the latest variant of the box now equipped with Google Assistant.

29. A chic pair of headphones for sport

A chic pair of headphones for sport (1)

Sometimes it is difficult to find headphones that fit well in the ears during a sporting activity. It moves, it slips, it gets lost. In short, it annoys me. We may have the solution for you – even if everyone’s ears are different, we agree – with the new model from Bang & Olufsen, the Beoplay E8 Sport. No hoop around the ear, we just put each earpiece in the ear, and voila. The sound is fair, precise, and powerful. The battery life is 7 hours and even peaks at 30 hours thanks to the small, and pretty, charging (and protective) case.

30. More than a sofa …

More than a sofa ... (1)

Miliboo is the French pioneer of connected furniture. After years of development, it has just launched its first “augmented” sofa. In its armrests, there are indeed wireless chargers materialized by these circles of green LEDs as well as a voice assistant (Google and Amazon) to be able to turn off its lights or raise its mechanical shutters. But it is especially for home cinema sessions that this sofa is designed since it contains speakers and even a device that allows it to vibrate to the rhythm of the special effects on the screen!