20+ Ways to Adopt Poinsettia in Your Christmas Decoration (1)

If the Christmas tree is the king of the end of the year celebrations, the Christmas star is undoubtedly the queen. Red, pink, or cream, poinsettia illuminates your interior with its beautiful warm colors. 

The Christmas star is undoubtedly the flagship plant for the holiday season! Follow our 12 ideas to showcase your poinsettia in an original and creative way.

1. A flamboyant Advent wreath

A flamboyant Advent wreath (1)

You don’t have to be a DIY ace to make this dazzling Advent wreath! This circle of traditional twigs is revisited here using simple material: two wreaths of woven straws, one small, the other large, four large candles, and some Christmas decorations – here, red stars – one little moss and bread apples collected in the forest, and of course, mini-poinsettias! If this wreath is very simple, the trick lies in making its straw trick, where you will need a little cardboard, plastic film, and a glue gun.

2. A flowery and gleaming vase

A flowery and gleaming vase (1)

You didn’t manage to fit all your Christmas balls on your tree? No problem, this vase awaits them, mixed with pine cones scented with resin and undergrowth. In this DIY, it is the small details that make the difference.

3. Green and original Christmas balls

Green and original Christmas balls (1)

Goodbye classic garlands, the Christmas Star can also help decorate your Christmas tree with a lot of originality, between green balls and angel hair. Here, the purity has been favored by favoring cream poinsettias, but you can also opt for a scarlet or orange decoration more sparkling.

4. For a magical Christmas tree

For a magical Christmas tree (1)

For a colorful and magical Christmas tree, decorate its branches with Christmas stars. You can also sprinkle them with golden powder for even more magic.

5. For a warm Christmas wreath

For a warm Christmas wreath (1)

Nothing like Christmas stars to generously decorate your plant wreath. To be placed on your front door and even inside your house.

6. In a basket

In a basket (1)

The baskets aren’t just there to showcase your green plants, they’re also great for sprucing up your poinsettias!

7. For an original decoration

For an original decoration (1)

Want originality? Try the decoration suspended above your Christmas table. A wicker basket, some ribbons, some poinsettias, and you’re done!

8. For magical stairs

For magical stairs (1)

Highlight your stairs by placing Poinsettias on each step. Wow, effect guaranteed!

9. For a delicate decoration

For a delicate decoration (1)

Make a paper cone, put a little potting soil in it, and add a mini poinsettia to personalize your tree in the blink of an eye. Be careful, however, you will need to place your Christmas star in a pot to water it to prevent moisture from damaging the cone.

10. In a golden flowerpot

In a golden flowerpot (1)

We love the golden planters! They bring an elegant touch to our decor and go wonderfully with our poinsettia, whatever its color.

11. Poinsettia suspension

poinsettia suspension

For a soft and romantic Christmas decoration, we put on the suspension of pink Christmas stars accompanied by ivy and candles.

12. For a light table decoration

For a light table decoration 1 (1)

Do you have any idea about your Christmas table decoration? Think about Poinsettias! They have no equality when it comes to easily embellish a table.

13. In a felt bag

In a felt bag (1)

Hang a pretty fabric bag on your door handle and garnish it with poinsettias for an original, simple, and effective decoration. 

14. Centerpiece in length

Centerpiece in length (1)

A centerpiece with fir branches and Christmas stars.

15. A safe bet

A safe bet (1)

Red poinsettia, a safe bet for Christmas table decoration.

16. Table’s center

Table's center (2)

Poinsettias sublimate all holiday tables. 

17. Poinsettias pink/orange color

Poinsettias pink orange color (1)

Poinsettias in an original color!

18. A cutlery holder with a poinsettia

A cutlery holder with a poinsettia (1)

Make yourself a cutlery holder with a poinsettia.

19. For a romantic Christmas

For a romantic Christmas (1)

We decorate the plates with poinsettias.

20. Cup of tea

Cup of tea (1)

In teacups, poinsettias decorate the table.

21. A Poinsettia with soft colors

A Poinsettia with soft colors (1)

Opt for a Poinsettia in nude colors to bring softness to your New Year’s table.

22. A bunch of poinsettias

A bunch of poinsettias (1)

Place a bouquet of red poinsettias on the Christmas table to give a lively and colorful touch to your decor.