15 Practical Ideas for Designing a Small Bedroom (1)

When you live in a small studio or small apartment, optimization is at the heart of decorating concerns. To feel good at home, the important thing is to keep your accommodation organized. Before being aesthetic, the layout of your small spaces must above all save space. A challenge that is revealed with a few tips. If your sleeping area is limited in square meters, you will have to find solutions so as not to clutter up the space. How to organize your small bedroom? We give you 15 practical ideas and trends to compose a decoration adapted to small spaces.

1. Light shades are essential

light shades are essential (1)

Palettes of light shades are essential allies for small bedrooms. Light colors bring brightness to the room. From floor to ceiling, the soft, airy tones create an impression of depth and height. Ideal when you have to play with a narrow room. Uniform or patterned, the murals and wallpapers are available in white, beige, light blue, powder pink or pastel green to illuminate walls and ceilings.

2. Help of wallpaper

help of wallpaper (1)

Contrast is also created with the help of wallpaper. A nice way to adopt patterns on the walls without overloading the decoration of your small room.

3. Bring light

Bring light (1)

Be sure to position your furniture and decor to maximize light. A choice that also offers beautiful creative perspectives like this model of small Ikea bedroom.

4. Position mirrors

position mirrors (1)

Another decorative tip to enlarge a small bedroom: position mirrors that reflect the light. The mirror is an essential wall decoration to visually expand a space. In a small bedroom, it offers both a pretty trompe-l’oeil and functionality as a stylish dressing table. A perspective game that transforms a small night space into a charming boudoir.

5. Placing your bed in the length of the window

placing your bed in the length of the window (1)

To maximize the brightness, consider placing your bed in the length of the window. The sleeping area will be enhanced. Every morning, the rays of natural light will pierce the room for a gentle awakening. Additionally, the workshop glass partition of this Leroy Merlin bedroom creates a separation without blocking the light inlets.

6. Store all your personal belongings

store all your personal belongings (1)

A small bedroom should allow you to store all your personal belongings while taking up a minimum of space. In order not to clutter up your room, it is necessary to bet on suitable storage. Wardrobes, bookcases and shelves must be ingenious. Furniture manufacturers and designers redouble their imagination to provide you with particularly effective storage solutions.

7. The bed is multifunctional

the bed is multifunctional (1)

In order not to waste space, the bed is multifunctional. The space under the bed is decorated with drawers. A creative way to save space for a classic chest of drawers. The small bedrooms combine the functionality of the bed with functional storage. A trick that works wonderfully!

8. Redesign the place of the bed

redesign the place of the bed (1)

Despite everything, the small studios of our big cities sometimes force us to redesign the place of the bed. If you want to have a double bed without having the floor space, you can invest in a folding bed. By day, it will serve as an armchair or sofa. When night comes, all you have to do is unfold it to get a futon.

9. The mezzanine

the mezzanine (1)

With the mezzanine, the bed gains height. Because if you don’t have the floor space, why not invest the ceiling? Either ultimately with work, or with the help of a high bed, the loft bed offers the advantage of clearly delimiting the spaces.

10. Arrange a small minimalist office area

Arrange a small minimalist office area (1)

Speaking of space, how do you set up a workspace in a small bedroom? Another challenge that we take up by installing a wardrobe including a small desk.

11. Nest shelves

nest shelves (1)

The organization space can be placed wherever it is possible to nest shelves. Below, the small desk with clean lines is discreet. A simplicity that plays with transparency.

12. Scandinavian look

Scandinavian look (1)

The Scandinavian look provides a harmonious office and bedroom space by playing on materials. The wood gives a natural and warm appearance. A dazzling decoration with the addition of fairy lights. These bring touches of cheerful colors and a pretty light. A universe conducive to study and reading.

13. Delimit spaces in a studio

Delimit spaces in a studio (1)

For students and city dwellers who need to set up their bedroom in a one-room, no worries. We have found so many solutions for you to elegantly define your bedroom, living room and kitchen.

14. Using a bookcase as a partition wall

using a bookcase as a partition wall (1)

By using a bookcase as a partition wall, Leroy Merlin offers you to create a clever break between the living room and the sleeping area. Without needing any work, the addition of a storage unit also optimizes the organization of the studio. You can invite your guests into your apartment without having the impression of receiving them in the privacy of your room.

15. Bookcase-shaped footboard

bookcase-shaped footboard (1)

Ikea reverses the logic by hiding the bed. With the help of a bookcase-shaped footboard, the bedding space is created in an abyss. So even in a one-room apartment, each space is distinct. The overhead furniture offers the advantage of not creating a shadow space that would darken the whole.