Time and fashion waits for no one. The winter season is almost here, and you’ll soon be chasing your breath when you step outside. The Autumn/Winter 2022–2023 fashion trend report has arrived. It’s the perfect way to gear up for the new fashion season and thrive in style.

Every item and design that you’ll want to purchase will undoubtedly be included here, Catch up on top trends from fashion shows that will win over the hearts of fashion lovers and other emerging micro-trends.

What are the top fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 2022-2023?

The white tank top

Designers are adding extra flare to our everyday staples this season. The evidence is in the return of white tank tops. Chic styles have replaced casual accents, as seen at Bottega Veneta, Chloé, and Prada, where the brand’s triangular emblem was added.

Catsuits are back!

Second-skin catsuits look set to steal the show in preference to small black dresses. Although they were given a sporting and lingerie makeover, they haven’t lost their fashionable appeal.

An unexpected journey

We are surely bringing back the 2000s thanks to ultra-low waistlines, total denim styles, nano skirts, and trompe l’oeil exposed lingerie. Fashionable labels are revitalizing the heyday of this decade’s fashion and giving the Y2K look new life.

Bubble coats

The bubble coat is the only item on this list that applies solely to men. Men’s bubble coats (also called puffer jackets) in an urban style will add some color to your streetwear. These jackets have the ideal fit and style for today’s edgy vibe. 

Sheer evening dresses

Wearing the black dress over clearly visible underwear or stylish pants playfully experiments with transparency. The outcome? A modern interpretation of the evening look that veers between formality and gentle eroticism.

Ultraviolet is the new pink

Purple, or Very Peri, was expected to be the most popular color of the year, according to Pantone. All three, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and Stella McCartney, concur! Purple appears to have successfully deposed pink, whether worn as a full ensemble, adding a playful twist to a long skirt or traditional tweed.

The schoolgirl

Streetwear is over, welcome to the foundations of fashion. The schoolgirl costume is finally returning after the preppy dominance of the 1970s a few seasons ago. The white shirt, tie, skirt, blazer, and pants were elevated to the status of season-essential picks by schoolgirl 2.0.

Corseted ball gowns

A trend showcasing a fresh take on modern femininity emerged when the visual potency of a corset, flush with technical accents, and the sensual fluidity of a ballgown merged.


All systems go! The silhouette picked up speed and gave the motocross wardrobe some love and attention. Biker jackets, multi-pocket skirts, leather gloves, and other biker-themed essentials have been brought to the fore by Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Coperni.

Faux Fur

All the top fashion houses are vying to make the perfect faux fur as more and more fashion lovers abandon animal fur for more ethical alternatives. Prepare for the inevitable rise of enveloping volumes and natural color tones.

Fashion returns to its initial love with extravagant shows marked with acclaim in London, New York, Milan, and Paris. This comes after a series of shows presented both physically and digitally in the past few seasons.

In response to the circumstances, the creative community continued to use imagination and ingenuity while launching a genuine return to style’s fundamentals. The nostalgic aesthetic of the 2000s, evoking memories of easygoing times, made a strong debut. 

The comeback coexists with the poise of the Roaring Twenties and leather-infused biker accents.

The white tank top became popular because the outfits were less flamboyant. They also featured clashing fashions like evening dresses’ extreme femininity and a structured corset’s undeniable strength. 

A bright and upbeat chromatic palette with a focus on flaming red and purple was obvious in terms of color. There’s no doubt that we’re living in exciting times for the Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 fashion season.