Education, many agree, is the key to a bright future. It enlightens societies and elevates individuals from ignorance. It is also true that over the years, the world has witnessed significant transformations in the education sector. From being able to hire a paper writer online, e-learning to IT deployment in academic institutions, we can only hope for the best in the days ahead.

It is also noteworthy that there have been efforts towards making educational opportunities accessible for everyone. Girl child in particular, has been the focal point in these changes. And, if you ask why, the answer why, the answer is simple. When you educate a girl, like Michelle Obama said; countries become more prosperous. This post explores ten reasons why societies should ensure girls get educated.

Enhanced economic growth and development

A nation that educates girls is bound to realize an ever more robust economic growth. According to findings by World Bank, it boosts a country’s GDP by 1%, especially when girls are gainfully employed and contributed to economic development.

A life-saving opportunity for girls and their mothers

According to a study by UNESCO commissioned by 58 countries, when girls are educated, societies reduce child mortality rates. It is because when girls go to school, they are less like to get involved in early marriages that lead to unsafe child births.

Reduced early child births, healthy and sustainable families

Another study points out that ladies who have acquired higher level education are better at planning for leaner and easy-to-manage families than those who drop out at primary level.

Reduction in HIV infection rates

There would be far less cases of HIV and malarial infections if girls get educated. It is because they are in a better position to understand how the disease gets contracted hence able to deploy know-how to save societies from the pandemic.

Women empowerment

While nations nowadays strive to empower their women, a study by Plan international and World Bank point out that girls who have gone to school to the highest level possible are able to make decisions that benefit societies at all fronts.

Educating women help reduce leadership gaps

It would also interest you to note that girls who have acquired education are able to speak against leadership problems and advocate for equality and equity. It is because as opposed to men, women are wired to care for others and societies at large.

A boost to climatic change debate

Nobel Laureate and environmentalist, Wangari Mathai from Kenya (now diseased), is a perfect examples of how educated women can contribute positively to the climatic change debate for a better future for everyone. It is because studied show that women who are educated are good at handling crises.

Advocacy for a reduction in child marriages

Child marriages have become a thorn in the flesh, particularly in developing worlds. It takes places because girls are not given equal opportunity to go to school like boys, but merely seen as child bearing beings.

Wage equality and access to jobs

When a girl goes to school and graduates with good grades, she is in a good position to take care of her family. Moreover, educated girls boost, once they get married, contribute positively to their families.

Higher literacy levels

A bigger percentage of the world’s illiterate population is girls, accounting for up to 163 million. It is a big societal and global problem that can only be eradicated by educating girl child.

We hope that all these ten points persuaded you get a decent education and job. Good luck!