Slots, whether land-based or online, are undoubtedly the most popular casino games in the world. So much so that they have their own dedicated fan base, tournaments, and innumerable game variations! And they’re also one of the easiest games in the online games list. While most slots are similar in their working and gameplay, the payouts offered may differ significantly.

However, it is important to know how the game works and other related information to score a good win. Thankfully, all slots have a paytable where you can access all the information related to that particular slot. So, what exactly are paytables? How do they work? Why do you need them? Read on to find out!

What are Paytables?

Imagine that you start playing an online slot but you don’t know any details about the game. You don’t know what symbols are used and which ones will get you money. You don’t know when a bonus feature is triggered or when free spins are offered. Will you still win the game? Probably yes. Because at the end of the day, slots is a game of chance! But, if you have all this information before you start playing, you can understand the game better and know what to expect. And this is where paytables come in. A paytable gives you all the information regarding the game including the payout, paylines, and bonus features offered. And they are easily accessible in most online slots by clicking a button called ‘Paytables’. Here are the main benefits of going through the paytable before you play online slots.

Give Game Information

As the name suggests, a game’s paytable shows exactly how the game works. A typical casino paytable generally contains the game rules, different symbols and their coin values, and paylines and their various combinations. They also give information about free spins and other bonus features and how to activate them. What’s more, they also show the jackpot features, in-game tournament rules, Return-to-Player percentages, variance details and so much more!

Help in Deciding Bet Amount

Paytables show all the details about the game including the symbols and their corresponding coin values. You can also find out which symbols will pay high and which symbols will pay low. You’ll know which symbols are wild and scatter symbols and what paylines will benefit you the most. All this information can help you decide what amount to bet and when to increase or decrease your bet amount.

Show Payout According to Paylines

Another important detail shown in the paytables is the paylines and their combinations. When you get matching symbols on an active payline, you can win. So, it is important to know what paylines the game has and what different combinations you need to win. Looking at the paytables can help you decide which paylines to keep active and when to bet on them.

While looking at a paytable will not help you win a game, it can certainly explain the important features of the game. Knowing these features and details can help you make decisions that might affect your play and bring you success in the long run!