Ever since its inception in the 1990s, Slingo has been a popular fun game for most players. Yes, it is a cross between Bingo and the slot-machines. But it is also double exciting and thrilling than both of these games. And with the latest technological advancements in casino games, slingo has become even more entertaining. For almost 20 years since its inception, slingo was played only for fun. However, today you can get real money versions of the Slingo games too. But just because it is fun and exciting doesn’t mean you’re bound to win. Slingo too has its own rules and features. You need to understand the game and know all the features offered to win big. Here are some simple tips to get a high score and increase your chances of winning in slingo games.

Use Your Multipliers

When you play slingo, the multiplier feature can temporarily increase the number of points you’ve earned. For example, if your score is 100, a 3x multiplier will increase your score by three times, making it 300. Also, multipliers in slingo are cumulative. This means that if you have three multipliers of 2x, 3x, and 5x value, together they can increase your score by 10 times. Hence, it is always better to save multipliers till the end of the game and use them on slingos. You can also use them in conjunction with bounce slingos to quickly increase the score.

Go for Powerups

Many slingo variations offer a feature called powerup. It is an easy and quick way to increase your score. Using powerups can surely increase your score greatly. But, the important thing is to know when to use them. Of course, when you’re in dire need of a score boost, using powerups if you have them is obvious. However, for the most effect, it is better to use them with some other powerups as a combination. For example, using bounce slingos with instant slingos or boulder powerups can almost double your score. The deal with powerups is that you should know how to use them.

Use Devil’s Protection Feature

In slingo minigames. There’s a feature called the Devil. Whenever the Devil appears in a game, it typically destroys a lot of the points that you’ve so meticulously accumulated. IT has the power to greatly damage your game. But there’s also another feature called the Devil’s protection. This features can protect your score against the Devil’s machinations. Use Devil’s protection whenever the Devil appears in order to maintain your score.

Chain Slingos to Increase Score

When you chain slingos together, each slingo in a chain can earn double the points than the slingo before it. So, it is greatly beneficial to chain slingos into groups wherever possible. However, this number does get restricted if your chain is interrupted by a normal slingo match. So, be careful of the matches you make when chaining slingos. Also, certain slingo powerups like instant slingo or boulders don’t reset the value of the slingo chain. You can choose such powerups to increase your score even when chaining slingos.

The world of slingo is growing on a rapid pace. Fans of slots and bingo will surely love this amazing game. However, slingo and its variants can be truly entertaining even for other players.