The beautiful effects that can be created with lighting is always amazing! Monogram wedding lighting, for example, adds a personalized touch to a reception by putting a couple’s names in lights.  Monogram wedding lighting can also be used to create special effects, such as patterns and textures of light on the walls or dance floor.  Thanks to new technology, monogram wedding lighting is easy for anyone to use no experience required. Today we will discuss everything you need to know about do-it-yourself monogram lighting.

What Is Monogram Lighting?

Monogram lighting is created using a “gobo” disc and a special gobo projector.  A “gobo” (pronounced go-bow) is a small disc that is inserted into a special projector. You can project your initials, names, wedding date, or anything else onto any surface. Do-it-yourself monogram lighting is designed to be easy for anyone to setup.  

  • Textures And Patterns Of Lights
  • Custom Designed Monograms
  • Names In Lights

DIY Uplighting Rentals:

DIY uplighting rentals are the easiest way to add color and create the perfect ambiance for your event. Add instant visual appeal and elegance to your space. See how in less than 2 minutes you can light your entire event space with the color you want.

Quick Setup, Under 2 Minutes!

  • Turn each light “ON”  – (30 seconds)
  • Touch the color you want on the Rainbow Touch Wheel Controller – (15 seconds)
  • Place the lights where you want to add color – (60 seconds).

Similar DIY uplighting rentals that plug in can take over 60 min to setup! Not to mention cables and wires running everywhere, dealing with power, broken electrical outlets at venues, missing electrical outlets, not enough power cables, etc. The last thing you need to be dealing with at your event is running cables everywhere!

The rental battery uplights come in compact packs of six. It may be the easiest part of your entire setup and have the biggest impact on the look of the event space. The quickest and easiest setup of any DIY uplighting rentals anywhere, period. Your DIY uplighting rentals will achieve a virtually limitless range of colors via the touch color-wheel controller. Your lights ship charged and ready to go. In less than 2 minutes you can have your lights setup, running and on the color you want. No cables, no wires, no worries.

How Does a Wireless Uplight Work?

The lights are extremely easy to use. Each light features a single on/off switch. That’s it.

The remote control is a rainbow, literally touch the color you want and all of the lights will change to that color. Check out our video on how easy it is to use them.

How Many Uplights Do I Need?

Each setup is different and the number of lights you need can vary on the type of room, number of guests, windows etc. Check out how many uplights do I need for a complete way of estimating your uplights. A basic way to estimate the number of uplights you will need is based on the number of guests.