Once the dress-up box is pulled out, no doubt your kiddos go straight for the flouncy tutus, so why not turn their Halloween costume into a tulle-filled affair? These 30 easy┬ácostume ideas featuring fluffy tutus channel your child’s favorite characters like Batman, Queen Elsa, Darth Vader, and Snow White. And the best part? They’re all available for purchase from Etsy as well, if that’s more your speed!

Tutu Halloween Costumes Ideas

Alice Tutu Costume Toddler

baby peacock costume halloween costume tutu

Black Cat Tutu Halloween Costume

Buzz Lightyear Girl Costume Tutu

Clown Tutu Halloween Costume

DIY Aurora Costume Adult

Easy DIY Witch Halloween Costume

Elsa dress

Girls Pirate Tutu Toddler Halloween Costume


Halloween Costumes with Tutus

Halloween Pumpkin Tutu Costume

Hello Kitty Tutu Halloween Costume

Little Pumpkin Tutu Halloween Costume

Minion Costume Tutu Dress Baby Girls Toddle

Minion Tutu

Minnie Mouse Tutu Halloween Costume

Pink Pirate Tutu Costume

pumpkin halloween

Pumpkin Princess Halloween Costume

scarecrow Cute

Strawberry Halloween Costume Tutu Dress

Toddler Girl Ghost Costume

Tutu Dress Halloween Costume

Tutu Dress Halloween Costumes ideas

Tutu Dress Halloween Costumes

Tutu Halloween Costumes ideas

Tutu Halloween costumes to try

tutu halloween costumes

Witch Tutu from Little Dreamer Inc

Wonder Woman Tutu Costume Baby