Halloween is time for fun. It’s time for spooky music, it’s time for yummy creepy food, it’s time for good horror movies, and most of all, it’s time to unleash your creativity and dress up any way you want. While some may go for cute or funny, it’s hard to ignore the horror factor of Halloween.

Anyone can color their face black or orange, but can you make your eyes bleed out? Can you zip open your face? Can you look like a zombie? With some inspiration to follow, you can. And we’ve found this inspiration for you, along with some great tutorials that can take you there.

If you’re not into actually making the effort, it’s still a great way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Halloween Makeup Ideas for Guys

Comic Book Pop Art Makeup Man

creative makeup foe men

day of the dead makeup

DIA De Los Muertos Makeup Man

dracula makeup for men

frankinstien makeup for halloween

Guys with Beards Halloween Zombie Makeup

halloween costumes for men make up ideas zombie

Halloween makeup ideas for men The Jocker

halloween makeup ideas

Halloween makeup

Halloween Men Makeup Ideas

Halloween of makeup tips makeup for men

harvy 2 face makeup ideas

harvy two face makeup ideas

make-up competition show Face Off

Makeup for Halloween New Orleans Voodoo

Male Skeleton Face Paint

Male Ventriloquist Dummy Makeup

Man Dressed as Women Halloween Costumes

Men's Devil Makeup

Scary Halloween Face Painting Ideas

skeleton makeup for Halloween


Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Ma

Zombie Halloween Makeup Guys

zombie makeup ideas

Zombie Wigs Halloween

Zombies Costume and makeup for guys