The forearm is the region from your elbow to wrist. Since tattoos have become more acceptable in today’s society, it’s not necessary to have your tattoos inked in places where they are not visible. Getting tattoos done on your forearm can be a fashion statement and this is not restricted to any specific gender. But remember to think carefully about what you want to get tattooed onto your skin as tattoo removal can be a long, tedious and painful process with no complete removal guarantees.

Tattoo designs on forearm can vary in size; they could be a small intricate design or could be more elaborate in design and color. Half sleeved as well as full sleeved designs are also available as are tattoos for the inside of the forearms. If you are considering getting a forearm tattoo, remember to think it through as these tattoos are easily visible and till today there are sections in the society that don’t see tattoos in a positive light. If you work in a conservative place forearm tattoos will not be appreciated as everyone can see them in plain sight.

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