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This year, Christmas will be magic! But before you embark on the tedious decoration of the Christmas tree , the living room or the dining room table, worry about the front door. Often overlooked, this decoration is not to be neglected because it is the one that your guests will see first. Crown, wooden sled or cozy corner , all the good ideas are to be found on the Pinterest. Out of inspiration? Quickly discover the 32 most beautiful front doors to copy!

1. A Christmas wreath to decorate the front door

A Christmas wreath to decorate the front door (1)

Classic but resolutely effective, the Christmas wreath sets the tone. Proudly hung on the front door, it infuses a festive air from the first glance. If the traditional Advent wreath remains a bestseller, it is modernized, loses volume, and returns to the primary simplicity of Christmas by dressing in a few eucalyptus leaves, small pine cones, or fir branches. . Do not hesitate to play the total vegetal look by accumulating various and varied branches on your doorstep or on your window sill. Green power is also popular during the holidays!

2. Lanterns to decorate the front doorstep

Lanterns to decorate the front door step

Does a staircase lead to your front door? Play it, it’s an undeniable asset as soon as Christmas arrives! And for good reason, all you need to do is place a few candles in some vintage lanterns on either side of the steps and thus create a unique and magical atmosphere in the blink of an eye. Create a sparkling path to your interior and accentuate the effect by winding light garlands on the railings! Finally, if you have a porch, do not hesitate to convert it into a cozy corner intended for the magic of Christmas.

3. Fir branches to decorate the front door

Fir branches to decorate the front door (1)

The fir branches work wonders to the front door. Mixed with light garlands, the beautiful, bushy branches take height and hang around the door to create an enchanting and easy to achieve. We do not hesitate to bet on the total vegetal look by accumulating eucalyptus branches, by hanging a wreath on the handle, or multiplying the mini trees on the doorstep.

4. Bright decorations in front of the front door

Bright decorations in front of the front door (1)

If for you, the end-of-the-year celebrations undoubtedly rhyme with luminous decoration, do not deprive yourself. For Christmas, everything is allowed! Flashing, golden, ultra colored, thin, or more imposing, you can satisfy all your desires. Create a light frame and hang garlands all around your door. If that seems too dangerous or cumbersome to you, succumb to the regressive charm of the glittering animals. Reindeer, penguins, or small igloo everything is possible, be careful not to fall into kitsch and think about your electricity bill!

5. A refined decoration for the front door

A refined decoration for the front door

Simple to make, this front door decoration has a little effect. The light garland that hangs cheerfully and the single star, in turn, breathe lightness, softness, and minimalism into the front door. A refined decor that perfectly illustrates the winter atmosphere that makes you want to snuggle up under a large blanket. If you prefer to add a touch of color to this small scenography, opt for a colored star, red, and green for a traditional atmosphere or more flashy for a contemporary Christmas decoration.

6. A small Christmas village in front of the front door

A small Christmas village in front of the front door

When it comes to Christmas decorations, don’t you do things by halves? This inspiration is made for you! Mini luminous gingerbread man, sparkling star, little Christmas reindeer, and advent wreath, this non-exhaustive list seems to you to be the minimum to adopt for the end of the year celebrations? Bet on a mini Christmas village on your porch, if of course, you have the necessary space. And for good reason, this type of staging will give free rein to your imagination, while infusing the magic of Christmas right from your front door.

7. Santa Claus on vacation

santa on vacation (1)

Santa has decided to take a few days off by going to the beach. On this door, the fir tree looks more like a palm tree and the seashells are an invitation to swim.

8. The shining reindeer

The shining reindeer (1)

This reindeer is too cute with its glittery nose and the black background brings out the message of joy and happiness very well.

9. The slate decoration

The slate decoration (1)

This minimalist-looking door is a very good example of the best decorations which are often the simplest. The slate effect is very successful with this chalk message and this Christmas tree-shaped garland.

10. Olaf backward

Olaf backward (1)

Here is Olaf again, his head upside down and suspended by the foot because of the real light garland of which he is a prisoner. A beautiful staging carried out with little means!

11. The Christmas tree in a garland

The Christmas tree in a garland (1)

Simple and efficient! The green garland represents the Christmas tree and the snowflakes are there to remind winter.

12. A clown man

A clown man

This looks like a snowman disguised as a clown with his big red nose! His fancy hat also reminds us of the eccentric Mad Hatter character in the movie “Alice”.

13. The nutcracker door

The nutcracker door (1)

A little fairy tune with these nutcracker wooden soldiers reminds us of the tale “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by Ernst Theodore Amadeus Hoffman. The door seems very well guarded to us and the Christmas wreaths are simply sublime!

14. The cross-eyed reindeer

The cross-eyed reindeer (1)

An even easier way to make a giant reindeer face. No need to draw an entire face, just place a few elements like eyes, ears, and nose to let the imagination run wild. Be careful to place the eyes at the same level otherwise you will have a squinty reindeer like in this photo!

15. The snowy night

The snowy night (1)

Very easy to do with a little paper and some creativity. The black background is reminiscent of a winter evening when snow is falling in abundance. In addition, the dark color in the background brings out the face of the snowman and the large flakes.

16. The white doors

The white doors (1)

If you have large white doors like this then take the opportunity to decorate them with few materials. Just like the pixie whose arm and part of the leg can only be seen protruding, allow doubt and mystery to float around your decorations.

17. Snoopy and his friends

Snoopy and his friends 1 (1)

Super drawing on the theme “Snoopy” where we see Charlie Brown and his friends around the Christmas tree. You don’t have to be a drawing genius to create something close to it.

18. A shower of gifts

A shower of gifts (1)

Do as if Santa Claus had already passed by flooding the entrance with pretty gifts.

19. A white crown

A white crown (1)

Ultra trendy, white even invites itself on the doorstep with this pretty crown.

20. A wooden sled

A wooden sledge (1)

Stay in the winter theme by adding accessories like the wooden sled.

21. An outdoor tree

An outdoor tree (1)

The tree will find its place inside and outside in a charming wheelbarrow.

22. Red ribbon

Red ribbon (1)

From red to Christmas in small touches, it’s beautiful like here with red ribbon.

23. Rustic lanterns

Rustic lanterns (1)

The front door brings out its rustic side with lanterns and log baskets.

24. Ice skates

ice skates (1)

Another reference to Christmas is the ice skates hanging from a doorknob.

25. Snowflakes

Snowflakes (1)

Little flakes of paper are snowing on the doorstep. Magical!

26. Apples and pomegranates

Apples and pomegranate garland (1)

If you don’t have enough Christmas baubles left to decorate your door, use apples, and pomegranates.

27. Candle holders

Candle holders (1)

To create a magical atmosphere, bet on the candle holders all along the stairs.

28. Vegetable Christmas wreath

vegetable wreath

To bring a touch of nature to your front door, opt for a Christmas wreath made with tangerines, pine cones, cinnamon …

29. Chic countryside

Chic countryside (1)

For a chic country entrance, install a vintage sled and a small tree in front of your door!

30. Entrance

Entrance (2)

We decorate his front door with very furnished Christmas wreaths.

31. Garlands


For a welcoming entrance, don’t hesitate to overuse the garlands!

32. Romantic

Romantic (1)

Feel free to hang holly over the door for a romantic entry.