Let’s face it, the star of an infant Halloween costume is the baby, and almost every baby makes the costume look great.

Of course babies are so different that certain types of costumes really work better for some than others, but even so, just get a decent baby costume and they do the rest.

Halloween costumes for babies come in about as many different themes you want, and probably offer as much variety as any age bracket.

Of fun thing related to babies and Halloween costumes is when an adult movie character is taken and transferred to the baby’s size. There cute and a hoot to look at. I’ve included a couple here as an example.

Another popular Halloween costume theme for babies is all kinds of animals.

Enjoy the examples of baby costumes I’ve put up here, and it could get you some interesting ideas for your baby or grandchild

Baby Halloween Costumes Ideas

Adorable Baby Halloween Costume Ideas Picture

Aerobic Baby

Aviator costume, homemade halloween for kids

Babies' Halloween Costumes

baby girls dress for Halloween

Baby Halloween Costume as sirial killer

baby Halloween costume

Baby Halloween Costumes as ghost

baby halloween costumes as spider

baby halloween costumes

baby Mike Ditka

Baby Picard costume

Baby Skeleton Halloween Costume


Best baby costume ever!

Biker Baby


Costume for the Monsters inc

Cute Babies Halloween Costumes ideas

Cute Babies Halloween Costumes

Funny Baby Halloween Costumes


Halloween Costume Crochet Black and Orange Dress

Halloween costume

Little Mouse Halloween Costume

Marshmallow Baby Costume Halloween


Peanut girl

sulley mini monsters inc halloween costume baby

wonka bar

zombie kid halloween