Small wrist tattoos are extremely popular nowadays for both male and female tat enthusiasts. These can be attributed to several reasons which we will be discussing in this article. Moreover, we will be looking at tattoo designs and ideas for your wrist that you can explore.

Wrist tattoos are cheap and can be done in short period of time. Since the wrist is a small body canvas, the image rendered on this area of the body are naturally on a miniature scale. With that being said, it will cost you less money as compared to getting huge designs. Moreover, it will require less time so you don’t have to sit for hours on the tattoo studio.

Before you know it, you will be up and running in a few hours ready to flaunt your new tattoo. There is just something trendy and cool about this type of tat that even celebrities like Rhianna and Kate Perry are sporting one.

Wrist Tattoos For Women

3D Spider Tattoo On Wrist

Black and White Rose Tattoos On Wrist

Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women

Butterfly Wrist Tattoos for Women

Butterfly Wrist Tattoos Women

Cross Wrist Tattoo

Cute Small Tattoos On Wrist

Cute Wrist Tattoos for Women

Dove Tattoos On Wrist for Women

Girl Wrist Tattoo Designs

Girl Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Heart Tattoo On Wrist

Rosary Wrist Tattoos for Women

Rose Tattoo On Wrist

Small Bat Tattoos On Wrist for Women

Small Butterfly Wrist Tattoos for Women

Small Cross Tattoo On Wrist for Women

Unique Tattoos for Women On Wrist

Women Wrist Tattoo Designs

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Wrist Tattoo Idea


Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Butterfulfly Designs On Wrist

Dovle Tattoos On Wrist