Those of you who know me well will know that I absolutely adore Mexico. The country is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen but what’s even more beautiful is it’s traditions. One of my favourites is Dia De Los Muertos better known to us as Day Of The Dead. This is the tradition where the life of loved ones that have passed is celebrated and honored. It normally takes place on November 1st & November 2nd but we often use the makeup for Halloween!

Over the course of the first two days in November pictures of the deceased are placed on altars & shrines with that person’s favourite food and drink, they also place candles to light their way home, and soap and water to freshen-up after their long trip. Some display symbols they would understand and gifts are left to communicate to them and let them know that they are always in the hearts of those they left behind, the intent is to encourage visits from the souls.

The Mexicans say that The Dia De Los Muertos ‘is a time of joy because we know that we are surrounded by those that we love-both living and dead.’ I think it’s so uplifting and inspiring to see a ceremony that approaches the death of somebody in a different way, a beautiful and touching way!

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