Feather tattoos are very popular, mostly among young women who wishes to achieve that ‘carefree hippie’ vibe.They also imply a sense of emancipation and light semblance. It also looks less threatening than say, a skull with cross bones, mommy will probably let that one pass.

Kidding aside, a feather tattoo is originally a symbol of death. But it also depends on the specific type of bird the feather is from. For example, owl feathers are believed to signify mystery and intelligence. Let’s go back a bit with its Native American roots and animism.

The feather tattoo can be traced back to mostly Native American origins, after all, feathers are often used in their rituals. The feather is a big deal to the Native American culture. To them, the feather represents the spirit of the bird. This is why, in some movies, a falling feather serves as a harbinger of things to come.The feather is heavily associated with the spiritual realm. It’s also used in clothing, tools, jewelry and many more. Some people get feather tattoos to represent their Native American heritage.

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