I had the best time searching for vintage Halloween costumes for this article because it brought me back to the Halloween costumes of my childhood. I guess that means that I am vintage also, but even the vintage Halloween costumes in a box were fun to look at because I recognized the boxes.

There are some really great vintage Halloween costume finds for children especially, but for adults as well, and lots of great vintage sewing patterns for Halloween costumes. I will have to ask my mom if she still has our old Halloween costumes at home because if so, I will be using them to decorate my store this year.

Halloween was a simpler holiday when I was a child, but there were already worries about children’s safety. However, back then we trick or treated without adults in relative safety in our own neighborhood, or at least we thought we were safe.

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

Black Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Creepy Old Halloween Costumes

Creepy Old Halloween

creepy vintage Halloween costume

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes ideas for couple

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes ideas

Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

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fairy halloween costumes

Halloween costumes for lady

Incredibly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes

man in goat face

Old Vintage Halloween Costumes

Scary Halloween Costumes

Vintage Halloween Costumes, 1900s-20s old

Vintage Halloween Costumes, 1900s-20s

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Vintage Michelin Man Halloween Costume

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