Sometimes simple is better. If you’re looking for simple tattoo designs, you are not alone. Not everyone wants to make a bold statement with their body art. Sometimes you have a story to tell but don’t want to announce it to the whole world. A tattoo is your story, you can express it anyway you like.

Tattoos are on many respectable bucket lists but no one plans to go down with a tattoo they are going to regret. If a tattoo is on your bucket list, remember that tattoos don’t have to be loud, big or flashy to look good on you. In fact, we’re going to show you 20 simple yet elegant tattoos that will look just as great.

Simple Tattoos Inspirations For Women

Black Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoos for Women On Back

Cross Tattoo Designs Women

Geometric Back Tattoo

Infinite Love Tattoo On Neck for Women

Scissor Tattoo

Simple Arrow Tattoo On Back

Simple Bird Tattoos for Girls

Simple Dragonfly Tattoo

Simple Heart Tattoos for Girls

Simple Mountain Tattoo

Simple Quote Tattoos Designs

Simple Rose Tattoo

Simple Snowflake Tattoo

Simple Tattoo Designs for Girls



Small Girl Word Tattoo Ideas

small Simple Girl Tattoos


Tattoo On Back Neck