Just because you find your living room small doesn’t mean it can’t be perfectly laid out and well decorated. Visually enlarge the room, choose modern and uncluttered furniture… Tips and a few advices allow you to make your small living room, a modern and cocooning and convivial space where you will enjoy settling down to relax or to receive! By focusing on clever and intelligent furniture, you not only have all the expected comfort, but also essential storage.

1. Daring the corner sofa in the small living room

Daring the corner sofa in the small living room1 (1)

No, corner sofas are not exclusively reserved for large living rooms! A small living room can very well accommodate a sofa with chaise longue, if its size is adapted to the available surface. Here, the corner seat is narrow and fits easily in a corner of the living room, not far from the dining area. Topped with a series of cushions , the sofa is then a cozy cocoon to laze around. However, avoid overloading the relaxation area with imposing furniture and prefer a mini coffee table or a pedestal table. Also, be sure to invest all available nooks – such as the window sill – for your small decorative items.

2. Isolate the small living room with a shelf

Isolate the small living room with a shelf (1)

In a multi-use living room where the spaces merge, it may be good to isolate the living room from the dining room and the kitchen. Studios that rarely have two separate rooms for the living room and the sleeping area face the same problem. But rather than partitioning off – which would darken the space and make it all the more cramped – go for a light visual separation . Claustra , curtains, there are many economical solutions such as graphic shelves. This extremely simple system keeps the brightness while increasing the privacy of the place.

3. Choose dark colors for the small living room

Choose dark colors for the small living room (1)

It is possible to adopt dark shades in a small living room. If black , navy blue and charcoal gray darken the space, they are also a major decorative asset. These shades bring an intimate and opulent note to the style of the living room. So when it is narrow, it suffices to counterbalance the dark paint with bright colors. Like this small living room where a pink and white wall meets the black wall. Likewise, the ceiling has been covered with immaculate paint, enough to emphasize the height of the room and highlight the moldings. We particularly like the daybed as a seat.Ultra trendy and above all compact, it can replace any sofa!

4. Assume the style in the small living room

Assume the style in the small living room (1)

Just because your living room is small doesn’t mean its style should be overlooked. The living rooms are a reflection of our personality, so they have the right to marked atmospheres. In this relaxation area, the furniture, like the materials, infuse a resolutely vintage atmosphere . On the ground, an old tiling meets the moldings of the ceiling. When it comes to decoration, the sofa and the coffee table seem to have been found and revamped to the taste of the owners, the same goes for the shelves filled with retro knick-knacks. In short, it doesn’t matter the size of the living room, as long as you like it!

5. Install smart storage and save space!

Install smart storage and save space! (1)

The lack of storage is certainly the black point of small living rooms. Storage furniture and other bookcases are too large to find their place in this kind of living room. Fortunately, there are many systems available so that your living room does not look like Ali Baba’s cave! Show ingenuity and invest in multifunctional furniture. Of coffee tables baskets as they welcome linens such as magazines and some sofas with built-in drawers. Solutions intended for tenants, who are rarely allowed to pierce walls to fix shelves.

6. Play with the architecture of the small living room

Play with the architecture of the small living room (1)

Do you live in a pocket square? Don’t panic, even in a studio, there is always a place to set up a lounge area. An alcove, a recess, an unoccupied corner … small free areas offer an often unsuspected potential. Wedged between the window and the kitchen wall, this mini living room is ultra optimized and benefits from a beautiful light. A few cushions, a thick mattress and a side table, a bench even emerged in the blink of an eye on the wall clearance. Proof that a little imagination is enough to create a real living room!

7. Opt for chairs in the small living room

Opt for chairs in the small living room (1)

Comfort is the priority in a living room. Room of relaxation and conviviality, it should welcome all your guests as they should. Not easy in a small living room? Forget club chairs and other bulky sofas, opt instead for chairs as seats. Of course, we choose a slightly designer model, with an openwork cut like these Bertoia chairs, a flashy color or a noble material. And to give them a more cozy look, just throw in a faux fur blanket or a down pillow.

8. Accessorize the small living room like a large one

Accessorize the small living room like a large one (1)

Accessorizing the living room is the key to transforming it into a practical and aesthetic living room. So when the floor space is limited, it is better to invest the walls. Picture frames and wall shelves are your best friends! Ideal for energizing a white wall, they bring style to the living room in the blink of an eye. If nothing prevents you from varying the formats, choose substantially similar colors to avoid the carnival effect. A few houseplants are also welcome to add a touch of freshness. You can place them on the windowsill, on a pedestal table, or choose the option of pots hanging from the ceiling.

9. Homogenize the style of the living room with that of the studio

Homogenize the style of the living room with that of the studio (1)

The owners of studios and small studios will recognize each other. When the living room and the bedroom coexist in the same room, it is difficult to imagine a homogeneous but differentiated atmosphere. Here, the choice fell on the same color palette: mouse gray dominant, mauve and woody notes in small touches. The Nordic style extends throughout the studio with a rattan armchair and a tree trunk coffee table. The goal ? Create visual continuity to enlarge the room and give the impression of a large living room. A carpet has nevertheless been installed to delimit the living area from the sleeping area.

10. Give preference to modular furniture

Give preference to modular furniture (1)

In a small living room, it is better to do without stationary furniture that weighs down the space and is inconvenient. Modular furniture is a friend of small surfaces. Apart from the sofa, consider putting casters on light furniture. The pallet coffee table can thus change place as you wish, freeing up space when the number of guests exceeds that of square meters. Also swap the armchairs for dining room chairs, or, better yet, folding seats that you put away once the apartment is vacated.

11. Dress the small living room in white

Dress the small living room in white (1)

It is well known, the white is a bright color that has the advantage of larger space. It is obviously the most suitable shade in a small living room . Most of us will choose to leave the walls and ceiling pristine, but for an incomparable look, you have to dare the total look. Sofa, lamp, shelf, carpet, not to mention the coverings, everything is covered in white here! Are you worried about the North Pole effect? A coffee table in natural wood and a few plaids are enough to warm up the atmosphere. For a small living room with a Scandinavian spirit.

12. Invest in modular furniture

Invest in modular furniture (1)

Who says small living room, says small furniture. Forget the XXL sofas right away, you won’t even be able to move around in the living room. We adapt the size of the furniture to the configuration of the space, by choosing mini two-seater sofas, nesting coffee tables or ottomans that are easy to move, so traffic will not be cluttered. Be careful with the look, however, practical furniture should not be at the expense of aesthetics. Light or pastel tones are the most suitable because they increase the luminosity. A touch of brass and a luminous neon, your small living room will make envious!

13. Favor traffic

Favor traffic (1)

To avoid bumping into the furniture all the time and to have sufficient space between the furniture, it must be at least 60 cm. The smaller the space, the more it makes sense not to put too much furniture everywhere. Make a plan before installing them, this will allow you to see more clearly and to position them well from the start. Choose furniture that suits the size of the room.

If your small living room opens onto the living room ( kitchen open to living room ), it is preferable to separate the room with low furniture, shelves or full furniture. The delimitation of each space can also be done with sliding partitions so as to take advantage when necessary of the cozy side of your small living room. It’s a way to make the most of the latter’s small footprint whenever you want, because yes, it can also present strengths like the friendliness and privacy that emanate from this small space.

Small, but full of charm and freshness, this living room does not lack personality. Pastel touches, Scandinavian furniture very well suited to the size of the room, a darker shade to seat the sofa… A perfectly successful set! We notice the light wood parquet and white walls that illuminate this room and visually expand it. Here is a magnificent modern and elegant living room that has nothing to envy to the big one!

14. Use color by keys

Use color by keys (1)

You can also simply go for colorful furniture if you don’t want to put color on the walls. Hanging embossed wallpaper on the back wall of the room is also a great idea to make it appear larger. Go for tone on tone if you want. A paper or a structured material will do perfectly. You can easily personalize this relaxation area.

The flat teal green on the wall and the light shade on the wall where the sofa is located gives a nice depth to this small living room. The whole is not lacking in charm and has character. It is cocooning, cozy and particularly well treated. This impression is further reinforced by the soft and comfortable carpet which dresses the parquet floor.

15. Use and abuse modular furniture

Use and abuse modular furniture (1)

Modular furniture is perfectly suited to small spaces. By choosing multifunctional furniture, you rationalize the space taking into account your needs. Of course, you can also create custom furniture or adapt furniture from mass distribution by inventing your own models. You can also afford a corner sofa, but on condition that its size does not eat up the whole room. It is not forbidden to bask on a chaise longue, you have to make the right choice.

For example, opt for small tables that you put together when you receive, ottomans and armchairs to provide additional seating, a console if you only have your living room to dine with friends. It unfolds and expands on this occasion.

16. Multiply the light sources!

Multiply the light sources! (1)

The more your small living room is lit at various points and in particular in the angles, the bigger it seems. Place small lamps, candles, sconces everywhere. First of all, it gives a lot of conviviality and your whole room is thus perfectly well lit. If the room is high, you add a nice size chandelier, if it is lower, opt for more discreet suspensions. Think of the switch with variation of intensity to adjust the light according to your needs and the times of the day.

It is also necessary to modulate the light sources according to the spaces and the various small corners, television, reading reception or relaxation. Vary the lighting modes, think for example of the floor lamp for the reception area or the reading corner. Also pay attention to the temperatures of the light. Between 3000 and 4000, it gives a nice light, but not too aggressive.

A very pretty living room that has everything of a big one, we like the pretty pendant lights as well as the white floor lamp and the very relaxing colors which bring a relaxing and cozy side to this small living room.

17. Replace bulky armchairs with comfortable chairs

Replace bulky armchairs with comfortable chairs (1)

The smaller the room, the more it must be equipped to free up space. To have the impression of not suffocating, perfectly clear the space in front of windows or patio doors and in front of doors. The air must circulate as freely as the inhabitants.

Likewise, radiators should be positioned so as not to interfere with the layout. Angles are perfect for this, so they save space for a sofa or storage cabinet. Also pay close attention to outlets. They will be placed in the most appropriate places in order to very easily connect the lamp and multimedia equipment. Do not hesitate to put in enough to avoid extension cords and multiple sockets as much as possible. If you have small spaces or niches, place shelves and store your books, plants or decorative items.

18. The importance of decorative accessories

The importance of decorative accessories (1)

It is not because this room is small that it should escape the effort of decoration, but you know all the objects and accessories are present to give it style and character. Paintings, photos, hanging on the walls animate them and bring warmth. A beautiful carpet reinforces the friendly and intimate side of this space. Place cushions with graphic patterns or pretty hues on the sofa and add some green plants to complete it all. Choose your curtains carefully if you use them, otherwise try to let in as much light as possible to make this room that you think is too small.

The wall of this living room is very alive thanks in particular to the accumulation of paintings which adorn it. The colorful cushions and the carpet give a warm and cheerful atmosphere to the room. It’s a good idea that completely personalizes this living room.

19. Mix of Scandinavian style

mix of Scandinavian style (1)

A mix of Scandinavian style with a very girly touch brings a lot of softness to this mini living room. Mirrors and frames bring the room to life. The white base allowed the color to give character to this space.

20. Cheerful atmosphere

Cheerful atmosphere (1)

A small living room which offers a very cheerful atmosphere with its bright colors attenuated and balanced by the dark gray sofa. We particularly like the table and the carpet and its geometric patterns.