The ’90s were a magical time of boy bands, VHS tapes, Lisa Frank, and Nickelodeon cartoons, and what better way to pay homage to your childhood than with a ’90s-inspired Halloween costume.

The ideas are endless, but we’ve rounded up 20 of the most creative and fun costumes ¬†which for the most part are easy to DIY as well ¬†inspired by the musicians, toys, cartoons, technology, movies, and TV shows of this unforgettable decade. There’s something for everyone: couples, women, and guys. Get ready for a major blast from the past!

90s Halloween Costume Ideas

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90s Cartoon Character Costume


90s Characters Costume Ideas

90s Girl Halloween Costume Ideas for women

90s Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

90s Halloween Costumes Kids

90s Halloween Costumes

90s Inspired Halloween Costumes

90s Kids Show Halloween Costumes

90s Nickelodeon Halloween Costumes

90s Theme Party Costume Ideas

90s Workout Halloween Costume

Care Bears Dress Fancy

Carmen Sandiego and Where's Waldo Halloween C

Darkwing Duck Halloween Costume

Freakazoid Halloween Costumes

Full House Kimmy Gibbler

Romy and Michelle Halloween Costumes

scoody do feature

Tamagotchi Halloween Costume

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