Funny costumes are always the most suitable type of costume for children as the little ones are always happy and in a good mood! They have no problems, look fresh and are beautiful and this is the state of spirit their Halloween costumes should transmit. Animal costumes are by far the best choice from this point of view: they are cute and funny and can put a smile on everybody’s face in an instant. In addition to that, they are very comfortable, so that your little one will be able to stay dressed up all day long and not just a few minutes for pictures.

Wild animals are on the list of children’s favourite costumes, first because they are not very accessible to them otherwise and secondly because of the many animation films and cartoons which have been made with wild animal characters. So, choosing a wild animal costume will be a great option for your little one.

You can go for a lion costume, a tiger costume or even an elephant costume. Another very funny jungle costume is the monkey costume! Giraffes, leopards or even kangaroos are available for children Halloween costumes too. You just have to picture your children in one of these costumes and you will instantly start to smile! So, take a careful look and see which one of these best fits your baby.

Halloween Animal Costume Ideas

A dog's Halloween costume

Animals in Halloween costume


clever Halloween costume

Super Dog

Dog Costume - Martini Drink Cone Of Shame

Dog Halloween Costu

Dog Halloween Costumes


halloween costumes ideas

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Peacock dog Halloween costume Pomeranian

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