Being a fairy for Halloween is so simple. All you need is a pair of wings and some attitude (remember Tinkerbell? That girl was feisty). Being a fairy serves as a great Halloween costume because fairies are beautiful, fierce, possess magical powers, and aren’t as painfully predictable as Cinderella or Elsa. Also, have you ever met someone who didn’t like fairies? The answer is no.

This is also a great excuse to bust out all your glitter, your MAC eyeshadow pigments, and your pastel makeup, that is, if you’re into the rule-following kind of fairies. If you’re the rebellious kind, have no fear: There are makeup tutorials for you, too.

Fairy Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Dark Fairy Halloween

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Great Fairy Makeup

Green Garden Fairy Makeup


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Halloween Fairy Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup Woodland Fairy

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