Elephants are strong animals that are respected by ancient cultures of India and Africa. Their strength is legendary and combined with their massive size; it is not unusual that ancient civilizations have likened them to great rulers. During war, they were used as psychological weapons, instilling fear in enemies even before the battle has begun.

These animals are worshiped in India. For them, elephants represent divinity and kindness of spirit. Ganesha, an Indian God is even depicted as having the head of an elephant. During Hindu rituals, elephants pose as prominent parts of the occasion. They are usually bathed and anointed in special oils as part of the ritual.

Unlike most tattoo designs, the elephant’s color is not always subject to the person’s choosing. The animal’s natural color is the one majorly used by tattoo artist. An albino elephant also holds great meaning for those who use it. For starters, it is a symbol for the Gods and is thought to be the most sacred of all elephants. Those who have seen it are considered to be lucky with the gods in their favor.

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Elephant Tattoos for Women

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