Boyfriends come and go, but your best girlfriend is forever, duh. Instead of rocking a couple’s costume with your significant other, how about teaming up with your gal pal to wear Halloween ensembles together? We’ve got loads of costume ideas for you and your BFF, so take a look and get majorly inspired.

Best Friend Halloween Costumes Ideas

Best Friend Halloween Costumes

best friends halloween costumes

bestie halloween costumes

Bff Costumes

bff halloween costumes

cat and dog halloween costumes

creative halloween costumes ideas

fringe a white tee shirt with beads

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Halloween Costumes, Best Friend Halloween Costumes and Girl Group


Holy Guacamole and Holy Cow

ice cream halloween costumes

iron man halloween bff costume

Mario and Luigi Halloween Costumes

ninja turtle halloween costumes

Spongebob And Patrick

Strawberry and Pineapple best friend Halloween costumes

The Eleventh Doctor and TARDIS

The Grady Twins

The Powerpuff Girls

thing1thing2 bff costumes