Side tattoos for women are rapidly gaining popularity as are the art and design styles for this particular application. The size in total length and width as well as saturation of detailing varies dramatically from design to design. Angle and point of balance is also a design factor.

Each body’s features are different so what one body can carry for angle, style and detail saturation may not be well worn by the next. Before we go much further into art and ideas for side tattoos let’s get to the bottom line of pain endurance.

Side tattoos cover a considerable amount of area which include fleshy, some muscular and a lot of bone which the latter is more painful. Because it is on the side and may leach to frontal and back position may not be the most comfortable especially with having the arm in a less than natural position at times. Calculated the amount of pain endurance you can stand in order to get the side tattoo of your desire should be well thought through.

Once you have made the decision you can endure the pain necessary to warrant getting a side tattoo another consideration should be applied to the endurance of pain; the length of time you can endure that pain level. A side tattoo is larger and articulation will be of a time duration much longer than an arm or wrist tattoo.

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