Recently we talked about furniture in baroque and rococo styles that are characterized by their opulence and luxurious side. Today, discover in this post some sumptuous bedrooms decorated with these two unique styles.

 1. Golden, golden and golden

Golden, golden and golden (1)

It is impossible to adopt the baroque and rococo styles without giving an important place to the color gold. Baroque furniture is generally made of wood and golden in color. In this bedroom, the “extravagant” golden ornaments above the headboard impose the Baroque style and the silk bedding is typical of the Rococo style.

2. Imposing elements

Imposing elements (1)

This room inspired by the baroque style knows how to impose itself perfectly. The well-decorated headboard is still dressed in sumptuous drapery. The wall panels have different patterns. With short legs, a rounded shape and golden decorations, the bedside tables perfectly represent the Baroque style.

3. Carved ornaments

Carved ornaments (1)

Well-carved and quite intricate ornaments are more than common during the Baroque and Rococo times. The patterns of foliage and flowers are to be expected to create a real baroque bedroom.

4. A majestic decor

A majestic decor (1)

If we had to define this room in one word; that would be “majestic”! The chosen shades of blue and the way the furniture has been sculpted certainly justifies this name.

5. Monograms

Monograms (1)

Monograms are decorative elements that must be integrated into a baroque and / or rococo decoration.

6. A modern and rococo bedroom

A modern and rococo bedroom (1)

In this bedroom, both rococo and modern, the all-white bed and the walls embellished with patterns and embellished with mirrors are typical of the period during which these styles were in vogue. Nevertheless, here, the modern touches are recognized by the empty frames as well as the simpler decoration that can be found on the frame of each mirror. The shell-shaped headboard recalls the Rococo style.

7. The shell shape

The shell shape (1)

The seashell shape also dominates the interior of this bedroom; but this time in a light shade of olive green. The frills testify to the femininity of this decoration. The floral sculptures on the bed are gilded, the legs of the bedside tables are lavishly decorated and the bedding and lamps are embellished with flowers and frills… in short, it’s a rococo bedroom.

8. A masculine and baroque bedroom

A masculine and baroque bedroom (1)

This bedroom stands out from the rest. To bring out the masculine side, we have skipped extravagant golden ornaments. There is still a large tufted headboard in front of decorative wall panels. The modern bedside tables feature baroque style legs.

9. A feminine bedroom inspired by Rococo style

A feminine bedroom inspired by Rococo style (1)

The same color palette was used here but in a more feminine decor. The headboard is particularly wide and is surrounded by two Rococo style bedside tables. The golden ornaments are here on the sides

10. A neutral room

A neutral room (1)

This neutral and modern bedroom has borrowed some typical elements from the Baroque and Rococo styles. Wall panels and the tufted headboard are one of them. All that’s missing is the golden embellishments.

11. The decorative elements are reminiscent of the baroque style

the decorative elements are reminiscent of the baroque style (1)

In this room, all the decorative elements are reminiscent of the baroque style! The headboard of course, but also the wallpaper, the chandelier, the textures, the colors, etc.

12. Centerpiece of the bedroom

centerpiece of the bedroom (1)

As the centerpiece of the bedroom, the bed must adopt the baroque style!

13. Interior design idea for baroque style bedroom

Interior design idea for baroque style bedroom (1)

Heir to the European past, the Baroque-style room incorporates many pieces of furniture that were designed in the classical Baroque period. Baroque solid wood furniture, which is used in bedrooms today, has its origins directly from the tradition of making wooden furniture in the past.

14. Wooden furniture

wooden furniture (1)

It is thanks to this tradition, inspired by Italian art, that furniture such as the chest of drawers, the dressing table and the various baroque style tables and consoles made of wood appeared. To give a baroque look to your bedroom, it is therefore advisable to use this type of wooden furniture. 

15. Baroque bed in champagne white

baroque bed in champagne white (1)

The baroque bed is an important accent in the bedroom. This is an invitation to moments of relaxation, luxury and pleasure. It often occupies the central part of the bedroom and can be a larger size than what we are used to in modern design bedrooms. The baroque bed is richly decorated with ornate cushions and blankets and made of luxury fabrics, such as satin or velvet. It can also be completed with a canopy or have a padded headboard, made of fabric that matches the color of the rest of the decor in the room.