Right now, we hear about graphics all the time. But first, what does this word mean? And so, what is the deco graphic? Yes because before thinking about how to arrange your interior to be on top of the trend, it is better to know exactly where you are going. You do not believe?

So what are the peculiarities of this trend that ultimately means that we almost all agree on what deco graphic looks like? And above all (because that’s where it gets really interesting) what are the different atmospheres we can create and how to do it?

1. Play it safe with black and white

Play it safe with black and white (1)

A graphic decoration in black and white, it is the assurance of a chic atmosphere. No matter the room, with these two colors you can’t go wrong. It really is the security card. Nevertheless, I advise you to choose between the two options which follow. For the first, it is a question of opting for small touches of graphic decoration if you choose a visually bulky model.

Conversely, if your model is not too aggressive, you can allow yourself to play with it a little more in order to bring out the character of the room. As far as possible, try to have a minimum of white so that the area remains a minimum bright.

2. Mix and match for an original graphic design

Mix and match for an original graphic design (1)

Of course, you have to think carefully before venturing into this corner of the decoration. Because the mix and match interior is not for everyone. So if you want to play this card for the graphic decoration, I would say that it takes twice as much notch. Whatever… Some atmospheres are more accessible than one might imagine.

So whether it’s in terms of colors or patterns, take your courage in both hands and mix. By small touches, or by covering the surfaces entirely, it’s up to you. But what is certain is that your interior will be unlike any other!

3. Bet everything on the lines

Bet everything on the lines (1)

So there, nothing could be simpler. You just have to play with the lines already present in your home. A lick of paint and let’s go: you can easily create clean lines that will bring the touch of graphic deco your interior needs to wake up and stand out.

And if you’ve been wondering for some time what to do with masking tape , well now you have the answer! For a little money, you can create a tailor-made and original decoration so I do not know what you are waiting for to get this essential little scotch tape. Whether you are a bullet journalist or a decorator, this little sticker is simply a miracle and can help you do a million things.

4. The color block for a vibrant graphic decor

Bet everything on the lines (1)

I think this is the style of deco graphic that I prefer. Perhaps because it is the simplest but also in my opinion the most effective. I love this idea of ​​putting imposing shapes of colors on the wall (whether in paint, wallpaper or even earthenware). In addition, it gives a very special character to the space which turns into a work of art.

As usual, I have a small shopping selection for you. I chose it a little colorful and more in the color block spirit. So if you don’t want to radically change your interior and prefer to have only small touches of graphic deco, here’s what to start!

5. Cushion covers are a safe bet

Cushion covers are a safe bet (1)

If you tend to quickly get bored of your surroundings, the graphic decoration can be used by touches, much easier to change. Cushion covers are a safe bet and immediately give your sofa a modern touch. Do not hesitate to mix patterns and color, as long as it remains harmonious!

6. Graphic rugs

Graphic rugs (1)

Graphic rugs are also in vogue, they can be found everywhere, at all prices, all sizes and especially for all tastes! Red / ecru striped, black / white checkerboard, gray / yellow triangle… Once again, if everything is harmonious, you can dare the colors and prints of your choice!

7. For the ceiling

For the ceiling (1)

In small touches also, the graphic decoration climbs the walls and even the ceiling! Unstructured mirrors, designer paintings, printed ceiling lights …

8. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style (1)

For those who want to dare the graphic style. Large pieces are also very trendy and they are here to stay! Armchairs and sofas are the big favorites. In Scandinavian style for even more design and straight lines, we do not hesitate to garnish them with cushions, always having harmony as the key word.

9. Carpet does not satisfy the graphic desires

carpet does not satisfy the graphic desires (1)

For those whose carpet does not satisfy the graphic desires on the floor, know that the trend has already established itself among flooring professionals ! The checkerboard tiling, of course, a classic; but also 3D graphic patterns, and even cement tiles inspired by this trend, for a perfect mix of genres!

10. Wall decoration

wall decoration (1)

Other ideas for a graphic decoration, the wall decoration. Homemade, with paint, brushes, masking tape and a little creativity! Or as wallpaper, if you don’t feel like an artist or where you prefer complex and technical prints. Whichever option you choose, it is best to only put your prints on one or a few walls, especially if you opt for hypnotic patterns!

11. Dynamic lines

Dynamic lines (1)

The graphic style is inspired by the very linear appearance of diagrams. To create this style at home, you have to play with very pure geometric lines. The idea is that the whole gives an array of diverse and varied shapes. We choose bookcases that multiply the niches, furniture that plays between full and empty to create patterns, fabrics with geometric shapes … The mix and match works perfectly well, especially on textiles (plaids, cushions, sofa covers and covers ….)

The graphic style is particularly suitable for large rooms. Avoid using it if you have a small living room or a sitting area in a studio. Obviously, nothing prevents you from being inspired by them, but we will mainly use them on decorative elements.

12. Strong colors

Strong colors (1)

To accentuate the graphic effect, it is necessary to create a strong contrast between the colors. Black and white undoubtedly bring rigor to the decor. White plays on the aspect of emptiness while black acts as a contour to invent original and refined forms of play. It is a great decoration classic which nevertheless still works just as well, whatever the era.

The reds are less vivid, but rather approach muted, deep hues, flirting with hues like plum. Perfect for creating a baroque or folk living room. Use bright or bold colors to create an arty interior, a big trend for 2021 in interior design. Make your living room a true work of art! We will of course reserve the use of bold colors in a large living room. In a small living room, they should rather be used by small touches on decorative objects or textiles, to avoid the “visual saturation” effect.

13. Rounded curves for a soft decoration

Rounded curves for a soft decoration (1)

This is one of the decoration trends of recent years: rounded curves. It is inspired in particular by the Art Deco trend but also by the design decoration of the 70s, which have been brought up to date in recent seasons.

These rounded lines are also found on furniture such as sofas, armchairs or tables (coffee or dining), but also on living room decoration elements such as lights, mirrors or other wall decoration elements.

14. Play on the differences of colors

play on the differences of colors (1)

The neon look is not for you. The tie-dye decoration , you’re not really a fan either. On the other hand, the graphic style (which combines both rigor and originality) could well match your decoration … Well, here you are right on trend! What is interesting about the graphic trend is this mixture of patterns that look alike but are not exactly the same. Straight lines rub shoulders with geometric shapes (squares, diamonds, triangles) to create a pretty harmony. Suddenly, as you have a common thread, you can very well allow yourself to play on the differences of colors without it making too much confusion.

15. Mix the patterns!

Mix the patterns! (1)

On the furniture side, the graphic style is rather played on the general looks. The bases of tables or chairs are simple and straight, but always with a little something extra. The lights themselves reflect geometric shapes … Everything is in the subtlety.