Henna or Mehndi holds its own significance in Asian culture and is inseparable part of the rituals even today.

Usual trend is to apply Henna on hands and legs during auspicious occasions like wedding, baby showers and festivals to bring good luck. But the body art has become a fashion and adored by women all over the world which is no more restricted to hands and legs. In fact, women now love to apply mehndi on shoulders, arms, back and even behind the ear while also experimenting with the designs. Mehndi is gaining popularity and huge admiration from women for numerous reasons. One of the them being that it is kind of temporary tattoo not causing any harm to the skin. And moreover you can apply it on your own whenever you want. All you need is tad bit of practice. Here we have the best shoulder mehndi designs that just not include traditional patterns but also some unique and beautiful designs especially for those who love experimenting with designs.

 Shoulder Mehndi Designs

Anchor Tattoo On Shoulder

Henna Design On Shoulder

Henna Shoulder Tattoo

Henna Shoulder Tattoos Women

Henna Shoulder Tattoos

Henna Style Tattoo

Henna Tattoo Designs for Women

Henna Tattoo Designs Men

Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna Tattoo On Shoulder 2016

Henna Tattoo On Shoulder...

Henna Tattoo On Shoulder.

Henna-Inspired Back Tattoo

Shoulder Henna Flower Designs

Simple Henna Flower Designs Shoulder