Purple shades, ranging from lilac or lavender to dark purple like plum or eggplant, are considered as a hip color choice for bridesmaid dresses all the while. Time changes everything but purple bridesmaid dresses seem never set back on the cutting fashion edge to lead the fashion way. Well, this is probably resulted from that purple colored dress style for bridesmaids never fail to boost diva elegance for solemn ceremonies.

Purple is pleasing to eyes. Generally it is associated with mystery and inviting beauty. When the purple tends to the light side as lilac or lavender, this color will be so nice to be refreshingly eye-candy in any fashion crowd and it can create real “in” effect to the ensemble. While the choice is dark purple, like plum purple or eggplant purple, the implication tends to be more formal and solemn, but still irresistibly charming.

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